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Surviving Life with Kira

Social distancing, quarantine – is this even real? What’s going on? Everything feels so surreal, with a lot of the world on lockdown. The activities going on make me feel like I need to document this, as if other people aren’t already doing so. It feels so enormously big, though. Life changing.

Uncertainty is terrifying…but if you believe in astrology, believe the stars can tell us what to expect next, then we were warned about this. It was hinted at. We just had to watch the pattern unfolding in the sky. Saturn conjunct Pluto are an intimidating team together, and will rock the entire world’s boat.

This, Saturn conjunct Pluto, has not happened in the sign of Capricorn (like in 2020) since 1518! When it happened in the 16th century, three months before the planets meeting, a book was published called 95 Theses by Martin Luther, basically calling out the…

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