Sun Conjunct Chiron (2020-03-25, March 25th) : A Summary

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We can make it through this.  But the stellium in Capricorn tells us, to quote Ringo Starr, “It don’t come easy.”

In Sun Conjunct Chiron 2020-03-25 we presented a detailed analysis of the Sun/Chiron aspect of March 25th 2020.  Some readers may want less detail, and we provide here an abstract.  What do the signs of the sky tell us at this moment?

Sun conjunct Chiron happens annually, shifting each year until it is in a new sign after several years.  Chiron stays in Aries until June of 2026, so we will see different versions of these lessons repeat through 2026.

No obvious patterns are present in this chart.  The meaning is not obvious. We have to “dig deeper” with this chart to find the messages of the moment.

Sun/Chiron is semisquare Ceres.  That aspect tells us what we already know: Sun (our life in general) combined with healing issues (Chiron) is in a conflict with issues of Ceres, meaning “feast and famine.”  Many of us are worried about the basics as the fears related to the Covid19 pandemic take root.  

Regarding the conflict between Venus and Ceres (square): in the abstract sense the issue is the financial markets and “liquidity.” In the practical sense: supply chains and, more specifically, FOOD.

Sun Conjunct Chiron (2020-03 Sun Aspects)

[click to enlarge]

How do we know this?  The mythology associated with the celestial objects gives us the answer: Ceres, aka Demeter, was “was in charge of the harvest. If Ceres was upset, the crops could die.”  And, in this chart, Ceres is upset in its relationship with Sun/Chiron.  (Sun = self; Chiron = healing & teaching)  Our healing issues (such as Covid19) are in a significant conflict with our source of nourishment (supply chains in modern economies).

Financial markets are in trouble (Venus, in her home but square to Ceres).  Bailouts are coming, but we need the people that represent us in the government to put an absolute prohibition on misuse of the funds in place and enforce it.  No more “stock buybacks” (as airlines did with bailout money) or “bonuses” from the bailout money.

Uranus (Prometheus) will give us some slick ideas of how to “do it how we have always done it” only slightly different but much better. We do not have to scrap ALL our old ideas to work our way out of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The right “aha” moments can help us make it through this.  Innovation is critical.

Expect lawsuits.  Abuses will be uncovered.  If you see misconduct, take pictures, record video, record audio, capture everything you can and send it out to as many people as you can, maybe to your attorney along the way.

The semi-squares in the chart tell us that a TON of tension is “out there” in the world. People are pissed off, and they are having difficulty holding it together. This chart tells us that.  Best to avoid dangerous people, places, and situations for the moment.  Whatever the risk is, the possible reward is likely not worth the possible damage.

For the details, >click here<

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  1. Sound advice – I will keep it in mind 🙂 We must be careful 🙂 ❤

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    • I checked out Thanks for pointing me that way!

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      • You’re welcome – isn’t it fantastic? It’s really helped us in lots of ways 🙂 I hope it helps you too 🙂

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      • I noticed it has an iOS app, also. Installed that. Still need to test it out. Wondering if it is just another drawing program, or if it really fills in the gaps in drawing cartoons. For me, I would like to be able to create “objects” (including characters) and manipulate them into different positions. When I was much younger, some people in art class were doing this with “freeze frame” to produce cartoons. If it can do THAT, then it could be quite useful!

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      • Ooo yes, that would be useful – let me know how it goes 🙂

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      • Like everything else, it requires the focus and time to fully evaluate. Still not there yet. (But, thanks for the reminder! I need to revisit that.)

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      • 🙂 You’re welcome 🙂 Thank you too x


    • This aspect strikes me as a sign of the times, maybe moreso than others.

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