Sun Conjunct Chiron 2020-03-25

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Sun Conjunct Chiron 2020-03-25

Sun conjunct Chiron happens annually, shifting each year until it is in a new sign after approximately four to five years but varies due to an erratic orbit.  Chiron has an orbit of about fifty years, giving about four years per sign.  It is new to Aries and will repeat similar versions from year to year for the next few year until 2026.

Chart for Sun Conjunct Chiron, March 25, 2020

[click to enlarge]

Bur, What Does It Mean?

No obvious patterns are present.  7th Harmonic continues to be active in the same way as before, and we have discussed it several times elsewhere.  Any of a number of websites discuss Sun Conjunct Chiron specifically; we will provide links to them below.  Our commentary focuses on this chart, the chart for Sun Conjunct Chiron on March 25, 2020 (set in Plano, TX).

The meaning is…

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