Aries New Moon 3/24: Moving Forward Through Uncertainty

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New Moon

The Aries New moon is exact on March 24, amidst a conjunction to Chiron; this exposes the wounds of our society. There is emphasis on the need to effectively communicate and share our ideas; we must keep moving forward despite the prevailing uncertainty of our environment. Chiron pushes us to heal, to face our darkness and teaches us how to overcome inadequacies. Focus on healing yourself and in turn, you will heal others.

The New Moon’s square to the north node in the 6th house highlights issues of health, anxiety, and worry; and reiterates the message of needing to heal. With the moon in Aries, we are encouraged to channel our braver side, to stand strong and to remain in a state of vigilance. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Aim for patience, despite the urge for quick action that Aries energy tends to fuel.

The Aries New…

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