Serving Our Best Self – Cultivating Our Dream Seed.

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Notes for Virgo New Moon, March 9, 2020

Serving Our Best Selves. Cultivating Our Dream Seeds.

In my last report I spoke of the opportunity to plant a practical dream seed during the Pisces new Moon. And now with this Virgo Full Moon 19 degrees on March 9 at 17:48 UTC, we are being empowered to truly cultivate this dream seed, make it bloom, and prepare ourselves for a new personal spring.

Virgo is about: service, daily habits, our practices, work, healing, purification, perfecting, making this full moon ripe with the potential to truly serve our best selves, and in so doing making us optimally capable of serving others.

How might we do this? By cultivating, through a daily practice, the thing we most love to do, polishing and perfecting our talents and natural gifts. When we serve others through…

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