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If you want me to continue these please share and support my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/mrsmoreful . If you would like a person reading visit my store http://www.mariemoorehoroscopes.com/store.html Thank you Marie

You offer great advice and encouragement to others. For some of you, you are able to make sense of other people’s plight, and get them out of sticky situations. For others of you, you can be more focus on your home life and being around family. For some of you this can be making plans for get togethers with family

Not the best time for negotiations or communications, because it’s your way or the highway. And this can end certain relationships. Try to look at big picture, because big picture you may want this person in your life. For others of you , you could…

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Astro bits, 14th Sept, 2017!

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sun squ saturn

SUN square SATURN, the square creates friction and frustration, you can feel challenged by limits or restrictions placed upon you. Go with the limits as it may be helping you to pace yourself, to be really sure about what you want.
Saturn holds back for a reason, the Sun is your identity, you may not be able to shine as much, but that is OK for now.
Sometimes, well, most of the time really, Saturn shows you where the work needs to be done, with the Sun involved its to do with self-confidence and self-expression and your identity.
Saturn likes to test you, “growth through pressure”, and yes that’s want been happening, do you have faith in you, have you grown up, been responsible for your life and how you go about it, in all ways, all Saturn stuff, have you go the grit to grow? To find your truth…

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Superstar Luck. Lilith and 6 pointed star

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Sept 13 The universe knows we need more sweet messages from the stars and SHE delivers!

See my former article on this blog about this configuration.  https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/september-rare-sacred-geometry-stars/

We have MORE of this  RARE Six pointed star Sept. 13 formed with the MOON and FIXED STARS

Yes, we are still being beamed this amazing Super Star now even stronger. 


Sacred geometry Astrology Tara Greene

Sept 13th 6 pointed star features:

DWARF PLANET ERIS @ 23 degrees ARIES conjunct URANUS  @ 27

Innovate be pioneering break away from the crowd.

The MOON @ 24 degrees GEMINI @ 8:43 am EDT.

See that all is duality in ONE.

sextile VENUS @ 22 degrees LEO conjunct the NORTH NODE @ 23 LEO

Be proud  strong and loving. Be the Queenly the Queen of Hearts. The North Node is our highest spiritual direction.


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New Moon in Virgo, September 19, 2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

It’s time to celebrate all things Virgo on this New Moon at 27° 27′ Virgo, 19 September 2017 10:30 PM PDT. Virgo is one of the signs most often overlooked and underappreciated. The truth is we need all our great Virgo folk who show up and do their usual excellent job with little fanfare. These are often the people who keep the essentials running day to day, the sort of thing most of us take for granted. There are five planets in Virgo on this lunation and a total of six planets in earth. Plus there is a total of seven planets in mutable signs which adds up to mutable earth (Virgo) dominating this chart.

The Virgo Sun and Moon are under pressure from an inconjunct to unpredictable Uranus in Aries and a stifling square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Since most earth signs do NOT like surprises, even mutable Virgo…

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Daily Astrology Predictions for Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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The Venus-Saturn trine brings more responsibility in the love department.

Even if one cares about one’s family and their better half, there may also be regrets about an old love affair.

This morning you might have to postpone a family trip due to financial difficulties.

This is the right time to focus on daring long-term projects.

During the evening you might be invited to a party. You should decline the invitation and stay home with your family.

This morning you might feel inhibited and unable to express yourself that clearly. Try to avoid meeting friends, because you could be misunderstood.

This isn’t the right time to make investments or buy valuable items.

This morning you might be in bad mood due to a minor health issue. You may not be very sociable and rather be left alone.

Don’t avoid communicating with your friends and loved one!


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Astro bits, 13th Sept, 2017!

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Well it’s an intense, twitchy kind a day, you can be feeling some stress and tension, maybe a bit of an overload, and you may feel tad irritated by it all.
MOON squares SUN, here you are weeding out what is no longer working for you, be discerning, make choices, leave what is working, polish up or on skills that you can take with you and work with. If it is no good throw it out, or recycle what you have. Not the time to start something new.
You may also be feeling the old is dying away and what is left?, what is the new something that is coming? Full moon in Pisces may have shifted something within you, a space is waiting to be filled, use the Virgo time to work, sift through what you got.  Look and think about what do you want, do you need…

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