Getting Personal with Pluto – Sep 9

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Snapshot: Very early Saturday our desires for fun will need to be adjusted to some benefactor or intimate partner. But we will have the clarity on how to serve the benefactor/intimate partner very near the same time.

At 3:23am (EDT) on Saturday Venus at 16:57 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 16:57 Capricorn.

On the same degree and minute of the Ses-Square with Mars on Friday, Pluto now meets our feminine side. But this aspect will not result in an ease, merely something gets adjusted. The adjustment will occur to our fun, entertainment, romance and creativity as well as our own resources that we use to pursue these Leo things right now. Whereas Mars was service, Venus may need to use some of her own money to pursue her fun and desires. Pluto was ready to back Mar’s actions once he adjusted himself, but Venus may get stuck with a new…

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