Stay present and grounded during the long Void time; Venus / Saturn offer structures

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Three events on the 9th, including a brief Void Moon

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Expressing Work & Helpful Relating – Sep 11

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: About 11:00pm (EDT) on Saturday night our thoughts, ideas and communication changed from fun and romance to focusing on work, health, service and volunteering.  On Monday morning we have some helpful, romantic relating.

At 11:00pm Mercury ingressed Virgo again. Now we will begin to express our new plans regarding work/health/fitness/service and volunteering. Mercury has crossed 0:00 degrees of Virgo 2xs already:  Jul 26 and Aug 31. There is likely a connection to things expressed near those times, but with a twist.

Mercury now joins the Sun and Mars both in Virgo. Only Venus is left in Leo. While we still desire fun and romance, we are initiating Virgo things, seeing Virgo things clearly and now planning and expressing Virgo things. Which Houses in your Chart does Virgo energy touch? That House/s is/are being activated by the Personal Planets right now.

At 6:50am (EDT) Jupiter at 23:59 Libra Sextiles the…

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Getting Personal with Pluto – Sep 9

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Very early Saturday our desires for fun will need to be adjusted to some benefactor or intimate partner. But we will have the clarity on how to serve the benefactor/intimate partner very near the same time.

At 3:23am (EDT) on Saturday Venus at 16:57 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 16:57 Capricorn.

On the same degree and minute of the Ses-Square with Mars on Friday, Pluto now meets our feminine side. But this aspect will not result in an ease, merely something gets adjusted. The adjustment will occur to our fun, entertainment, romance and creativity as well as our own resources that we use to pursue these Leo things right now. Whereas Mars was service, Venus may need to use some of her own money to pursue her fun and desires. Pluto was ready to back Mar’s actions once he adjusted himself, but Venus may get stuck with a new…

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If you want me to continue these please share and support my youtube channel . If you would like a person reading visit my store Thank you Marie

For some of you, you need to bend like a palm tree for others. For others of you, you need to learn to not give into your initial reactions just because you don’t trust another person. For others of you this can be a fun time being around the people you love, and spending time with them

This would be a great time to initiate certain things or begin new projects. For some of you this energy makes you great problem solvers or leaders. For some of you, you can be finding new ways to make money, or this can be thinking about getting…

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September rare Sacred Geometry stars

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

September 2017 features a RARE 6 pointed SACRED GEOMETRY all month!

Sacred Geometry Astrology Tara Greene

This configuration is created between the planets stars and the Nodes of the Moon which was in place widely at the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of AUGUST 21. It is focussed  stronger now at the Pisces Full Moon and will continue to guide us through the next New Moon in VIRGO Sept 19-20 and the EQUINOX September 22/23 until the end of September.  This is a very long time for this aspect to be in place. 

As the planets are always in constant motion the 6 pointed MERKABAH or Solomon’s Seal is a very potent magical symbolscape to work with. 

The ancient 6 pointed star represents the “AS ABOVE SO BELOW” Hermetic wisdom of Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus or Mercury the ancient wisdom teacher of Egypt. Most people associate this symbol with the Jewish people but they borrowed it from ancient India and…

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Mercury re-enters Virgo, Moon in Taurus, 10th Sept, 2017!

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mercury in virgo

MERCURY re-enters VIRGO, you now got the info, gone over many things, but mostly it was and probably still is a brain drain and brain F**k!
Mercury in Virgo works well here, watch your stress levels, don’t be in your head too much as you will get brain burn out, become highly strung :/.
Mercury joins Sun, Mars and Mars/Mercury will meet up again so watch out for that one again!

MERCURY re-enters VIRGO, earth, grounded, focuses on the details, your mind or thoughts become sharper, more efficient, you will want to analyze, be discerning with information and put it all in order. Moving forward is the goal, do the weeding out, take with you want you only really want.
Your everyday may become more practical, logical, get organized, more orderly work place or get your everyday down in a way that you can function perfectly, be methodical, have a…

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Horoscope for Today

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Horoscope for Today
Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Neptune-Moon sextile predisposes to day-dreaming, romanticism, idealism, and compassion.

This astral configuration also predisposes to tackling unrealistic projects that may end in painful failure. Given the low level of practical sense, it’s advisable to postpone important decisions and activities.

You might not be in the best shape and could feel unable to complete an important task. You should avoid taking on new responsibilities, because you’re at risk of wasting your energy.

During the afternoon you might be invited to a party where you’ll have a great time with your loved one and close friends.

An acquaintance might need your advice on a business project which will prove to be profitable to you too.

Avoid speculations of any kind!

After a hectic day, you’ll spend a romantic evening in the company of your loved one.

An older relative will help…

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Spiritual Rx

Please read the pinned post on our BER MONTHS BERRY SPECIAL PROMO (See pinned post @ the FB page of Stargazer Bles)

Week of September 11-17, 2017
Dear Tribe of Stargazers: I share in your pleasure at the news that Mercury has turned direct last Sept 5th – yay! However, keep in mind that we are still in Mercury’s shadow phase until the 19th, in which it’s as if he were still retrograde. Therefore I advise you, mga ka-Tribu ng Stargazers, to still monitor your communication and transport arrangements –and do be patient in case there are mix-ups or misunderstandings. Common sense and a lot of humor are called for at this time. While we’re at it, huwag po nating kalimutang ipagdasal at tulungan ang mga nangangailangan. Salamat po!

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19) Try to see things from another perspective because obviously, you’re not seeing them clearly at this point…

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AlchemyAstrology: 9-10 September 2017 – sidereal

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Alchemy Astrology


PASSIVE – Moon in Aries, laboratory process of Calcinationemotionally aggressive

Calcination, is the breaking down of a substance by fierce heating and burning usually in an open crucible. Even though it’s a passive day energetically, there’s an abundance of Fire, so calcination should go more quickly, and/or with less fuel use.

Possible Scenarios – based on what’s in-the-air, so to speak:

A good time to:
press on; particularly with matters of the heart.

an impulse to cover hurt; being sensitive to aggressiveness or headstrong people.

analyze; count your blessings on these days, breathe and stay cool.

Keywords – to contemplate and get a feel for:
Self-expressive … … … .  Sun in Leo – persistent, organizing
Aggressive (emotionally) … Moon in Aries – changes, aggressive
Positive … … … … … Mercury in Leo  – mental, organizing
Sensitive … … … … …

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