Four events this day including Mercury direct

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In the shadow of the eclipse

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Stellargnosis Astrology

True to any major eclipse, the winds have shifted and energies have been released. Perhaps it is not so surprising with Mercury having been retrograde at the eclipse that great storms would have been whipped up. The theme of devastation is water, correlating to the general background collective archetype of Neptune in Pisces. As Mars was part of this eclipse, and the eclipse configured to a grand fire trine (Uranus/Saturn), I had previously speculated that this was going to be a war eclipse. North Korea sent a missile over Japanese territory a week after the eclipse, and as Mars conjuncted the eclipse point on September 2nd, a day later on the 3rd, North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test.

September 2nd marked an important conjunction for the continuing unfolding energies fo this eclipse. On this day Mars direct shook hands with Mercury retrograde as they both passed over…

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Astrology for September 3-9, 2017

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Villagers use a boat as they try to move to safer places at a flood-affected village in Darrang district in the northeastern state of Assam, India July 14, 2017. REUTERS/Anuwar Hazarika

This week? Where do I start? I don’t mean with the weekly outlook, I mean in general. So much is going on out in the world.

I will start with the floods in Houston, then move to the west where over 60 fires are raging. Then let’s pop over to Korea where who knows what Kim Jong Un has tested a hydrogen bomb attached to an intercontinental ballistic missile (or ICBM). Interestingly there has also been a 6.3 earthquake in North Korea this morning at a depth of 0.0 km. The USGS says this zero depth and the fact that it is no along fault lines indicates that this is not a natural earthquake. Shortly this after the 6.3…

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Surrender to Healing |Full Moon in Pisces 2017

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Emerald Astrology

Let your boundaries dissolve because, on September 6, 2017, the Moon will be full 13 degrees in Pisces.
Pisces rules over dreams, forgotten traumas, and connection to the spirit world. When the moon is in the sign of Pisces, you can expect to be more in tune to how you and others are feeling. There may be a tendency to wish that things were ideal and a desire to volunteer your time to be of help to others. Or, a self-defeating belief that no matter what you do, you can not change the world for the better, so why bother?
Moon being full in Pisces prompts us to ask how can we allow healing to take place in our lives? Especially where we have no sense of control. 
Grandma's Special Herbs
During the full moon, the Moon and Neptune retrograde (the lord of Pisces) will be conjunct in Pisces. This aspect shows that…

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Pisces’ Healing Waters

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Sarah Fuhro Star-Flower Alchemy

This full Moon in Pisces arrives to mend some of the painful heat of the solar eclipse.   The angry, hot fire of the Mars Sun combination in Leo, cools down in earthy Virgo and watery Pisces, soothed by a Pisces Neptune as a healing companion to the Moon.

Two Water Lilliesphoto: Robert Fuhro

The best effects of the Leo Solar Eclipse, are held in Neptune, the healing companion. Neptune’s Sabian Symbol is: ‘An ancient sword, used in many battles is displayed in a museum.’ Will Power, is the key to this degree. It was will power channeled through the loving heart of Leo, which kept the heat from burning into destruction. So many people spoke to me of the glowing cinders left from this eclipse. Fire and a sword seemed inevitable, but the sword seems to have been the surgeon’s blade, and the fire cauterized the wound.

Connor with swordsphoto: Sarah Fuhro


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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Your Daily Stars for September 3, 2017🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Oh My Stars!⛥⛤⛦

Positions of Planets


Planets in Houses*

SunHouse 8
MoonHouse 1
MercuryHouse 8
VenusHouse 7
MarsHouse 8
JupiterHouse 9
SaturnHouse 12
UranusHouse 3
NeptuneHouse 2
PlutoHouse 1
ChironHouse 2
CeresHouse 7
PallasHouse 4
JunoHouse 12
VestaHouse 8
NodeHouse 8
LilithHouse 11
FortuneHouse 5

* In keeping with the common practice, we consider that a planet posited within 1 degree of the next house belongs to that…

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September Tarot and Astrology readings

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

In case you missed it here’s the recording of the Live tarot card readings I did for each sign on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency Page on Facebook September 1.  

As we are still in the Mercury Retrograde we did have some problems with the video. You can hear my voice talking about the different aspects in the beginning but a black screen. Then all is OK technical wise except for a mix up in the Tarot Card reading for LEO which I say is the Emperor but should be the HIEROPHANT #5. I was looking at the reflection in the computer screen and it was backwards and it threw me off. But I do correct it when I see the Emperor come up for LIBRA. I’ll write a longer description of each shortly. 

 7:14  Aries – THE HANGED MAN #12 has no planetary correspondence

 7:46  Taurus –…

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Daily Horoscope

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Daily Astrology Predictions for 
Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Moon-Venus opposition reduces realism and pragmatism and induces a certain degree of confusion regarding partnerships. Sensitivity and compassion are augmented.

When it comes to significant relationships, both professional and personal, one must show patience, tolerance, and avoid making any important decisions.

Aries Today

This morning, a professional issue might prove to be more complicated than anticipated. In fact, you seem to be unaware of certain relevant data.

In order to solve this issue, you need to be patient and optimistic.

When it comes to your personal life, you should be more understanding with those near and dear.

Taurus Today

It might be better to not make much of a tight schedule for the day. Unpredictable events may occur, and that could force you to change things as you go. But it seems the changes will benefit you.

You should avoid financial…

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September 3rd Horoscope

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Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

You may be finding there is a lot of energy around your mind, and while things may be spurring you to be creative, things aren’t flowing as easy as you’d like. Don’t get frustrated, there is a clear path. Just take some time to breathe first, and allow this path to show you the way. And if things change, go with it. It’ll all make sense soon enough. Later today, there may be some tension in how you are feeling and the way relationships have been flowing lately. Make sure everyone’s needs are getting met, and enjoy what is around you. Find a good balance, and allow things to be at peace.

  • Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars, 5:38 am EST
  • Moon opposite Venus, 11:49 am EST

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“Welcome to Reality!”

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Rubys Readings


“Welcome to Reality!”

Rubys Astro Readings
September 2017

September will be much calmer and not as crazy as August due to the Solar Eclipse that occurred. However, the energy the Eclipse started on August 21st will continue to be activated throughout September and the months to come. We just won’t feel so push and pulled on like we did all through August to the point of craziness, and much of that nervous tension we felt shouldn’t be a factor.

Mercury in Retrograde just moved back into the sign of Leo, and meets up with hot-headed Mars on the 3rd, but also makes a nice connection to thought provoking Uranus. This coming week is all about the Lessons we are learning from last month’s Eclipse. These lessons are still just coming to us because this energy lasts for months after it occurred, so we are still processing them and discovering…

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