Clarified Relating & 5D Points – Aug 29

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Tuesday we will have some clarity around the relating-ship philosophy Jupiter has been teaching us over the last year and our service to ourselves and others.

At 2:10pm (EDT) the Sun at 6:36 Virgo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 21:36 Libra.

Still in a Sextile to Saturn, this aspect is likely not to be that irritating. Jupiter shows us how to resolve any 3D polarity by finding the seeing how each polar idea relies on its opposite. By seeing the big picture, we can gain a new perspective and not point the finger at others as we see how we create the ‘other’ in our own thoughts. So the Sun is here shedding light on Jupiter’s message via the Sign of service, health, volunteering and work. Can we find ways to better relate to our co-workers? our roommates? or with ourselves to be ‘healthier?’ Jupiter can be a ‘senior’ or…

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