AlchemyAstrology: August 28-30, 2017 – sidereal

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Alchemy Astrology

PASSIVE – Moon in Scorpio, laboratory process of Separationemotionally possessive  

Separate a compound into unique substances. Leaching salts from ashes. Filtering solids from liquids. Pressing oils from solids.

Possible Scenarios – based on what’s in-the-air, so to speak:

A good time to: be positive; in your thoughts and expression. Temporarily separate yourself from the negative.

Challenges: romantic thoughts; normally this isn’t a challenge – the added influence of possessiveness, combined with self-expression, may make it a challenge for others – even from a positive viewpoint.

Balance: recognize your sensitivity;  it’s easy right now to be positive. There will be more productive times to dwell on the negative.

Keywords – to contemplate and get a feel for:
Self-expressive … … … .  Sun in Leo – persistent, organizing
Possessive  (emotionally) … Moon in Scorpio – changes, solidifying
Positive … … … ……

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