The Inferior Conjunction – Aug 26

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: All day Saturday our thoughts, ideas and expressions will be in sync with our reality.

At 4:42pm (EDT) the Sun at 3:47 Eros Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 3:27 Virgo.

One of 6 days every year, we can expect to have the clearest conscious thoughts. The Sun rules realtime and Mercury rules our conscious/lower mind thoughts, ideas and expressions. The Sun will bring clarity to what is going on with our goals as Mercury is the Planet to bring about the contracts, verbal agreements and money exchange necessary to set our plans for the next 165-day cycle of Sun and Mercury.

At the Inferior Conjunction we have the ‘seeding’ of the goals for the next cycle. But as Mercury moves behind the Sun, we will need to have ‘faith’ that we are still moving towards those goals. That is where our Higher Mind energies come in. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune…

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This is a great energy to focus on your career, you could feel like your getting allot done with this energy. For some of you this is starting a new project to add to your business and being excited about that. You are putting your best foot forward now because there could be talks about opportunities to grow. For others of you this can be having a fun night out . Or your day can take you to unique events happening in your city or town, or for some of you, having a bit of an adventure with the weather

Get the hell outta your head. For some of you, you can have your plans cancelled on you last minute. Or people at work could be making you feel guilty and wanting you to work over time. For some of you this…

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Saturn Direct & Magical Sexual Passion – Aug 25

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Friday starts with Saturn’s Direct Station and right on its heels we have some magic between our motivations/passions for romance and our use of power.

At 8:08am (EDT) Saturn Stations Direct we we discussed yesterday. It will be the final phase of Saturn’s Retrograde cycle. We will now begin to build structures in our lives that further our spiritual/global philosophy.

At 10:26am Mars at 23:08 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 17:08 Capricorn.

Here we have an opportunity to romance someone in authority, to pursue intimacy and shared resources to further our romantic/entertainment or creative endeavors. The Sun made this aspect to Pluto on Aug 15th so there could be a strong connection to what happened then or the goals you set at that time.

From Friday night to Saturday night the Sun and Mercury will be applying to their Inferior Conjunction which exacts at 4:42pm on Saturday at 3:47…

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daily aspects by Marie Moore

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Make sure to share these post Saturn is going direct in 3.5 hrs. So this is still going to be a process but not such a slow process with the things you want. This can be an easier time with some relationships but we still have the north node in leo , so this energy is still going to see people coming in and going . For some of you the depression, you’ve been going through is going to be lifted and the energy is going to start to feel lighter. For some of you this can be finally getting job with this energy now direct, or for some of you may have to wait till Mercury goes direct or next year depends what else is happening with your natal chart. Venus moves into Leo in 12 hrs not the best energy here. Very diva and generous at the same…

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Saturn Stations Direct, Venus dances in Cancer. 25/08/2017

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Journey by the sea

Friday, August 25, 2017.

The Moon is in Libra.

Saturn stations direct.

Venus enters Leo.

We are in the Waxing Phase of the Libra Moon, and that means today is a great day for New Beginnings. The Libra Moon joins with expansive Jupiter in Libra, that its forms an aspect to Saturn and Mars which means action, excitement and being OK with hard work.

When the Moon in Libra joins forces with expansive Jupiter our relationships, love and money is highlight and extra lucky!

Saturn, the Master planet of structure, karma, hard work, and responsibility turned retrograde on April 6th this year. Take a good look back at what has been on hold in your life since? Early this Morning Saturn stationed direct in Sagittarius. When planets are stationary, they are at their most powerful energetically speaking, channel this power make advances and move forward in any areas of your life…

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Venus in Leo + Saturn in Sagittarius Direct

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Libra Seeking Balance

Today Venus makes her entrance into glamorous Leo and her playful spirit invites us to take time to enjoy ourselves. Her stay in Leo lasts until September 19. This is usually an excellent time for tending to our manes and shopping for party clothes. With both Venus and Mars in Leo, a grand romantic gesture or two is in order.

Saturn finally stations direct at 21° 11′ Sagittarius today. He is well supported by harmonious aspects to Mars in Leo and a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Libra. This sets a favorable tone for the final months of his stay in Sagittarius. As long as we remember to plan carefully and prepare to work in a steady, disciplined manner, we should be able to make considerable progress.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Leo © ashley simeone

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Astro bits, 25th Aug, 2017!

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You want your feelings to level out, to find some balance, but the Moon hits into Pluto, so here comes that feeling again, more deep intense feelings come floating to the surface. Back into some internal conflict.
Best way through is to find the balance and hold on to that. And watch out for any rough, brooding, emotions that come up. Pluto wants to transform and regenerate you.

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Today’s transits – August 25, 2017 – Friday

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minute astrologer


Saturn starts direct motion at 21 Sagittarius (tropical zodiac).  Check charts for energy at or near 21 degrees to prepare for your hard lessons and failures or for your recognition depending on the aspect Saturn is making in your chart.
Time for lies to point to the truth.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Libra @ 22 deg.
Sun                       Virgo @ 02 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Virgo @ 04 deg. (Retrograde until September 5, 2017)
Venus                 Cancer @ 29 deg.
Mars                    Leo @ 23 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Libra @ 20 deg.
Saturn        …

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Saturn turns Direct. 3D moves on Trump

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Saturn Lord of the rings; father time; ruler of Reality; 3D; the planet of testing limitations and obstacles is turning DIRECT Aug. 25 @21 degrees SAGITTARIUS. 

Saturn is the COSMIC COP the father- everyone’s father. He represents leaders; authorities; taxes; presidents; elders; senators; seniors.  Saturn rules History- the Patriarchy.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”-George Santayana

LORD OF KARMA aka The Grim Reaper and Satan. In the Tarot Saturn is symbolized on the card of THE DEVIL #15.

Saturn makes you work hard. He is is the master of the MATERIAL WORLD. His motto- no pain no gain. Saturn is the Cosmic Cop; the taxman. Saturn will nail you trust me he got me big time over the last few months. I was sued and it’s been a long harrowing and very expensive legal battle which is finally over. 

Saturn in SAGITTARIUS soaks up the…

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