Changed Desires, Adjusted Power & Saturn Station Direct – Aug 24/25

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Snapshot: Thursday is a busy day with subconscious adjustment, relating-ship irritation, changed desires and adjusted intimacy goals that will bring some ease.

As I wrote the other day, Venus will move through the Heartbreak Transit from Cancer from Wednesday afternoon and early morning Thursday. She will then Ses-Square Neptune before the other aspects exact below.

At 2:05pm (EDT) on Thursday Mercury Rx at 5:42 Virgo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 20:42 Libra.

There may be a bit of irritation, but Jupiter can help you smooth over any angst. Mercury is close to his Inferior Conjunction to the Sun, but he is having to revise some of his work/health/fitness/service plans and may be a bit resistant here.

At 3:01pm Venus at 28:20 Cancer Squares Uranus Rx at 28:20 Aries.

This is a challenging aspect if you want to make it so. Otherwise simply allow for some of your nurturing and security-conscious goals to…

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