Astro bits 12-13th Aug, 2017!

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The Turquoise Blueprint

4f648a41539aee69389013e5229232f5--zodiac-sexy-aries-zodiac Zodiac art by Kristine Caguiat

A grand cross is happening over weekend, thanks to the moon being in Aries, which lines it all up. All in cardinal signs, a call for a change and action to happen, you may feel pushed and pulled in many direction. Within yourself and your relationships.

This may be an if your up for it time, if not do/be the Venus trine Nepturn.

Moon in Aries square Pluto and Venus, emotions may be sparky and high, in areas of love, money, relationships. Emotions may run deep and can be in conflict. You can have trouble of letting go here. You want stability, comfort, but no.

Venus in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra, these two are quite a nice combo, just don’t go overboard or to far in all Venus things. Love, spending, eating, you know, try some discipline and awareness when out and about.

Jupiter square…

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