August 9 Pisces Moon bewitches. Astrology dont’s of the day

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PISCES MOON trines Venus in CANCER in the afternoon

PIsces water trine astrology Kinuko Y. Craft

Appreciate the spiritual bond that all women have with each other because they were born with wombs because only women bleed and can birth babies because we are naturally caring compassionate emotional beings. I am grateful for all the women who give me strength and comfort in my life. This is a longing for a safe home nurturing and spiritual oneness. If you dream of home and the ocean tonight you’ll know why. 

Moon opposes MERCURY in VIRGO

PISCES MOON times are always very floaty surreal imaginative and other worldly as we are closer to our spiritual natures under this signs beams. The Mercury in Virgo opposition helps to make our minds more grounded and less foggy and in La La Land. 


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