Lunar Eclipse at 15+ Aquarius – Aug 7

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Beginning at 8:16am on Sunday morning we will begin to feel the pull of the Moon as it ingresses Aquarius and applies to Oppose the Sun. This Opposition, which would normally be just a Full Moon, is a Lunar Eclipse as the Earth will block the Sun’s light and keep it from reaching the Moon. The Moon will disappear from view allowing us to get a handle on our emotions.

At 2:10pm on Monday, Aug 7, the Moon at 15:25 Aquarius Opposes the Sun at 15:25 Leo.

A Lunar Eclipse is an ’emotional reset’ button that allows us to leave behind some chapter of our lives as shown by the Sign and Houses that the Eclipse occurs in our Natal Chart. A Lunar Eclipse with the Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo has us looking at our feelings around group activities vs. marching to our own beat, the social…

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