Black Moon Lillith Conjunct Saturn

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5D Astrology

At the time of the Lunar Eclipse (Aug 7), Black Moon Lillith (BML) at 19:29 Sagittarius, moved to within a 2-degree orb of Saturn Rx at 21:29 Sagittarius. By the Solar Eclipse of Aug 21, BML will be just 6 minutes from exact to Saturn. There is something important going on here! Its a bit like the Rebellious Woman meets the Pastor.

BML is a point measured between the Sun and Moon’s Transits where there is a dark side involved where Lillith hides. In Jewish heritage, Lillith was the 1st wife God gave to Adam. But Lillith refused to submit to him so Adam asked God for a 2nd woman and he took Adam’s rib and formed Eve. BML is a 5D energy where we really don’t NEED an ‘other’ as I write about 5D relating-ships.

Saturn is the energy of the Father and in Sagittarius, the spiritual father or…

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