August 2017 Energy Report by jennifer Hoffman

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Enigmatic Healing


July’s theme was ‘energetic significance’ and anything that was not going to align with the energy in our life and make a significant contribution to its expansion, versus a significant deduction, was on its way out. This prepared us for August which now expands the theme of ‘energetic significance’ even more and moves us closer to our ascension goals of divine congruence, the theme of 2017 (read the 2017 predictions here). With two strong retrogrades and eclipses, we may feel a little out of control, like we’re taking the corners on two wheels but it’s all in divine order and we’re still in charge and driving the car, as long as we remember to keep the transformation moving forward.

The eclipses and retrogrades of August are highly connected because they repeat signs and degrees. For example, Uranus starts to retrograde at 29 Aries as the Mercury pre-retro shadow period…

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