Uranus Stations Rx – Aug 3

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At 1:31am (EST) on Thursday morning Uranus at 28:32 Aries Stations Retrograde.

He has been slowing down some of the last few weeks preparing for this change in direction… metaphorical and not physical. Retrogrades only ‘appear’ from the Earth’s perspective due to the orbits around the Sun.

This is my least favorite Rx Planet. Why? Because Uranus gives us new insight and revelations. He shakes us out of ruts and helps us to find inventive new ways of dealing with issues. When he is Rx, we are looking at old ground he has taken us through and it can feel a bit like the old stuff is coming up again. But it will help us to better own our awareness when he moves Direct again.

But Uranus’ Station is occurring just ahead of Jupiter exacting his Square to Pluto, which occurs at 2:48pm on Friday. There are no other aspects…

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