Radical thinking rewind Uranus Retrograde

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Radical thinking REWIND 

Fiona Smyth astrology Tara Greene


Digital Photograph by Napoleon Brousseau of illustrator/artist Fiona Smyth 1998

As Uranus in Aries turns Retrograde Aug 2-3rd. The rewinding of Uranian Higher consciousness energy will truly help us to see that this is an absolute new beginning of independent thought and revolutionary thinking meant to WAKE US UP collectively.  Time to throw off the yoke of old Patriarchal religions and cultures which are symbolized by the RAM which is ARIES.

Think about that for a while. The AGE OF ARIES began approximately 4320 years ago when the Jewish religion and the Old Testament was being created. This was the beginning of codified Patriarchal SKY GOD as separate from the Earth and the Divine Feminine. To have dominion or domination over the earth and the animals and women was a radical idea and not the way that humans had lived for millions of years…

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