Back up electronics on the 1st; Laugh at the power struggles

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Eyes of Heaven

With the Full Moon Eclipse coming in less than a week, please pay attention to your energetic neighborhood. The normal boundaries and protections drop to a more sieve-like level at this time and will be restored a week after the New Moon Eclipse on the 21st. Beings who want to explore our home environment tend to come over and ‘play’ here during these times. If you feel or see any unusual forms, remind them this is not their home and they need to go back soon.

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Magical Motivations & Jupiter Square Pluto – Aug 1-4

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Monday night and Tuesday morning brings some magical motivation for fun, romance and creativity. From Tuesday to Friday, there will be an intensity pushing us to succeed at some new career status.

At 8:34am (EST) on Tuesday Mars at 7:44 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 13:44 Pisces.

The Sun passed through this same aspect to Neptune on Sunday afternoon at 7:46 Leo. There we had the clarity around some subconscious issue that has been confusing us or causing some fear. The 5D aspect could have cleared it up nicely, but it may yet need some time to SEE the change. Mars in this aspect will have us acting on the clarity without even having to think about it. So your actions will reveal more about the clarity you had on Sunday.

As this aspect separates all day on Tuesday, the 3rd Jupiter Square to Pluto should complete some career…

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Venus in Cancer; Jul. 31st – Aug. 26th, 2017 ♀♡♋

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Venus, our planet of love, pleasure and beauty, moves from breezy Gemini into the sentimental waters of CancerVenus in Cancerwill be a nostalgic time for us. Sincerity, sensuality and sensitivity are all aphrodisiacs during this cycle as we focus on the deeper emotional connections between our partners, friends and family.

Possibilities for Venus in Cancer

  • Giving the gift of your undivided attention.
  • Looking at any issues of dependency, as a way of keeping someone with you forever.
  • Irrational moods (being Moonstruck), temporarily losing all objectivity, throwing tantrums to get needs met.

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Weekly Astrology: AUGUST 1ST – AUGUST 5TH

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Journey by the sea

Tuesday 1st August, 2017.

The Moon enters Sagittarius.

The Moon squares Mercury in Virgo.

Early this Morning the Moon leaves sassy Scorpio and enters adventurous Sagittarius. Our emotions start is use up in intensity. With the Moon squaring Mercury we are less about our emotions and more making a plan to move forward, unlike yesterday vibe we experienced.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius we are encouraged to look at the world around us, to learn, to play and to be more optimistic in the situations you face! Open your mind to a new, more expansive view, as today could bring much understanding and learning your way.

The Sagittarius Moon forms a challenging square aspect to Mercury later today. The planet that rules your thoughts and logic will be challenged by your reasoning and questioning of life! Especially when it is on its ruling sign of Virgo who is very…

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Today’s transits – August 1, 2017 Tuesday

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minute astrologer


Saturn has moved to 21 degrees Sagittarius, the station degree for direct motion (tropical zodiac).  Saturn will start direct motion at 21 Sagittarius on August 25th.
Time to be exhausted by the lies of the greedy and begin to put an end to their progress.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Sagittarius @ 03 deg.
Sun                       Leo @ 09 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Virgo @ 06 deg.
Venus                 Cancer @ 01 deg.
Mars                    Leo @ 07 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Libra @ 16 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 21 deg…

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Get Ready! Brightest Meteor Shower In Recorded Human History Is Happening

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

There is going to be a meteor shower on 12th of August, 2017. According to astronomers, this will be the brightest shower in the recorded human history. It will light up the night sky and some of these might even be visible during the day. This meteor shower is being considered as once in a lifetime opportunity as the next meteor shower of such kind will be after 96 years. The Perseid meteor shower, one of the brighter meteor showers of the year, occurs every year between July 17 and August 24. The shower tends to peak around August 9-13.

Source: Get Ready! The Brightest Meteor Shower In The Recorded Human History Is Happening

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Radical thinking rewind Uranus Retrograde

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Radical thinking REWIND 

Fiona Smyth astrology Tara Greene


Digital Photograph by Napoleon Brousseau of illustrator/artist Fiona Smyth 1998

As Uranus in Aries turns Retrograde Aug 2-3rd. The rewinding of Uranian Higher consciousness energy will truly help us to see that this is an absolute new beginning of independent thought and revolutionary thinking meant to WAKE US UP collectively.  Time to throw off the yoke of old Patriarchal religions and cultures which are symbolized by the RAM which is ARIES.

Think about that for a while. The AGE OF ARIES began approximately 4320 years ago when the Jewish religion and the Old Testament was being created. This was the beginning of codified Patriarchal SKY GOD as separate from the Earth and the Divine Feminine. To have dominion or domination over the earth and the animals and women was a radical idea and not the way that humans had lived for millions of years…

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