Venus has some radical changes at hand; Void Moon time

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Suicide or Life? Ah…Chiron in Pisces/Uranus in Aries – Jul28/29

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Friday morning (EST) we will be adjusting our measured words to more easily satisfy an authority-type. Saturday brings further adjusted ease between our goals for fun and romance and our spiritual/global philosophy. Afternoon brings some Soul Awareness.

At 7:08am on Friday Mercury at 2:41 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 17:41 Capricorn.

Mercury in Virgo is more ‘measured’ expression. Virgo is the accountant keeping track of the financial dealings where you are using other people’s money (Pluto) or sharing yourself with them. Consider your words, keep it earthy and practical and an ease will result. You may be able to consider new ways that your authority-type can finance your work/health or fitness activities. Keep in mind, though, that Mercury is in his Shadow Phase and things will likely be revised around Aug 28.

At 12:39pm on Saturday the Sun at 6:45 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 21:45 Sagittarius.


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Venus on the North Star only follow Love

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Venus in late Gemini is approaching the North Star at 28 Gemini July 30. This is a powerful symbol of love being the Only direction to follow.

star inspiration Tara Greene

 Listen to your heart as Venus is love and not the apparent split between  matter and spirit which comes from the ego which lives in the mind.

The North Pole star Polaris is opposite the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will cross the G.C. In November. Anything you love or has to do with women, or the soul, the anima, will be consolidated in November.

Chiron the Wounded Healer and Venus exact square July 30

Love hurts, when we are in co-dependent relationships. Love can be a huge sacrifice. Love is a projection of our own unconscious. Love is compassion for ourselves and forgiving ourselves first.

There is a great healing crisis going on in the world right now. You are…

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August Energies

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Jessica Cross

There are a lot of powerful energies.  For me in the Northern Hemisphere, August is the time for our last push through the summer.  Then we start heading into a more introspective time in the fall.

Although you want to make sure that you start everything that you want to get done this year, you also need to make sure to schedule some downtime to check you are heading in the right direction.

Are the goals you made at the beginning of the year still resonating with you or is it time to shift gears?  There is no shame in changing your mind and following your intuition to head in a better direction.



Make a concrete plan.


Become more serious.


Find your joy.


Take time to rest.


Connect with your feelings.


Focus your energy.


Watch what happens naturally.


Stop your regular routine to reassess your values.


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MERCURY on the SPHINX POINT – into ‘storm’ on Aug 3 (retro Aug 12 – Sept 5), and URANUS retro (Aug 2): Self Awareness + Mindfulness + Magic + Liberation!

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Melanie's Astro~News

Harvest FieldWhy is everyone so bizzzy, even anxious and nervous?
Harvest time energy type of vibe (wait a minute, not Aug / Sept yet!)…

So much to organize, clear, get in order?
Refining skills and techniques?
You too?

MERCURY has this week (exactly on Tue July 25) crossed over the ‘Sphinx Point’ from LEO to VIRGO.
MERCURY in its natural placement of VIRGO now, as the SUN is in solid solar glow LEO (until Aug 22) can be a super creative and productive time!

Fine and dandy. However….

Is there a ‘however’?
Well, for those of us who get nervous just by hearing / reading about the buzz words: MERCURY retro.

YES, it’s true, due, and immanent: MERCURY will go RETRO, from Aug 12 on, until Sept 5.
OH NO! I hear you shout out.

No worries, VIRGO! Maybe it all turns out differently than you thought! To all of…

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Mercury Shadow

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Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty


Mercury – that little planet that effects communications in all types.  When he goes retrograde it means he is moving backwards in the sky.  It is said it will effect all forms of communications, contracts and negotiation.  Many things have to be reworked or redone or revisited during retrograde times.  Breakdowns and misunderstandings are the theme.

Now before you say this is all hokey – how often have you heard someone ask, “Is it a full moon or something?  Everyone seems to be acting crazy!”

It’s not all bad news.  Mercury helps to boost creativity and encourages us to slow down. It’s the perfect time for holidays and creative endeavors.

Now some RX if Mercury is effecting your chart big time….

  1. Smudge – you could use sage, lavender/salt water to spray around your home (a pinch of salt, 8 drops of lavender oil and distilled water)
  2. Burn yellow candles –…

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August 2017 Lunar & Solar Eclipses

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In a Love World

August 2017 Lunar & Solar Eclipses

July 26, 2017

Lunar eclipse 7.08.17

This Lunar Eclipse gives us a cosmic push to make needed changes in our lives. The areas of life activated by the eclipse may see dramatic turns, after which the path is clear to move forward.

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A challenge to catch Mercury in twilight after sunset

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Astrology Software 2021

astrology softwareOn July 30th, Mercury reaches its greatest eastern elongation of 27.2 degrees from the Sun. Generally, this is the best time to view this planet since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the evening sky, but because of the angle of inclination of the ecliptic plane to the horizon, that is depending on geo-latitudes, people living in northern hemisphere cannot catch sight of Mercury with the naked eye now, they need at least a good pair of binoculars… But people from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina or Chile have very good chance for it. In some of my recent posts I wrote in detail about Mercury’s astro (- nomical/logical) connections – one of those:

Promethean Mercury turns direct

Anyway, to better understand the celestial background, view this zoomable chart above.

More Info – Inner Sky Electrum Astrology Software

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