August 21 Solar Eclipse in Predictive Astrology

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Picture P72“But Ghosts do not exist…” –Mr. Film Director said to Mr. Russian President. “Do you really think so? – Mr. Russian President asked him and… disappeared(the shortest film in the world)

First, I would like to note that from the astrological point of view the nearest six-month period is of enormous importance for Mr. Russian President since he appeared to this world as the first person of Russia during the previous 1N Solar Eclipse. According to my astrological experience, there can be such kind of phenomenon in the Saros series as… I would say… “the interception of an event”. It means that if an event is sufficiently extended in time, it is somehow connected with that series of Eclipse which coincides, and next Eclipse of the same series often gives a new impulse to this event.

Well, Mr. Russian President was amazing us during the whole Saros cycle long. I…

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