Capricorn Full Moon & Pluto-Jul 9

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Snapshot: Minutes after midnight (EST) we have an emotional peak around home/career, mom/dad, nurturing/authority. Early morning, we adjust our motivations. By evening we have clarity around the ways we use our authority at home and in public.

At 12:07am the Moon at 17:09 Capricorn Opposes the Sun at 17:09 Cancer.

This is the Full Moon in Cancer that is a Contrasting energy across the axis of home/career, mom/dad, nurturing/authority. With the Moon exacting a Conjunction to Pluto in a few hours, we will be really feeling the need to SEE (Sun) how we feel (Moon) about our own use of power (Pluto in Capricorn) or an authority-type’s use of power. It is a carrot (Cancer’s nurturing) or stick (Capricorn’s discipline) type of question. Did your ‘fresh start’ at the Cancer New Moon a fortnight (2 weeks) ago bring you to a point of making an emotional decision? That is the…

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