July 10, 2017 (Julian 191) Mars square Eris

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Irregular Oracle

July 10, 2017 (Julian 191) Mars square Eris

First, let us dispense with the more ordinary aspects of the day.  The Moon is past full and now waning.  Some still count it as full, but it is void of course in Capricorn (possibly the most useless void imaginable), but moves into Aquarius slightly past midnight CDT.  Frankly, we would declare the lunation as “over” by the time this sign change occurs.

What dominates?  Others have discussed the Sun opposite Pluto.  That will have perfected by the time you read this, but it does have an influence and can provide energy to accomplish useful work IF power struggles and spats and altercations and such (oh, my!) can be avoided.  Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn COULD also be viewed as “annoying,” but we agree with others who interpret it as giving many of us the focus to pay attention to important details that might…

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2017-07 Calendar (Monthly) Marsout Astrological Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2017-07 Calendar (Monthly) Marsout Astrological Aspects


[Click Image to Enlarge and Open in Separate Tab]

You may also find Astrolabe’s Hot Degrees 2017 to be interesting / useful.

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Dualistic Thinking Dissolves – Jul 10

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Through the night to morning on Monday Mercury will meet the 2 Karmic Planets bringing us a special view of things.

At 5:33am (EST) Mercury at 7:45 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 22:45 Sagittarius.

This is an adjustment aspect that results in ease. Mercury is the Planet where Karma is created as he rules Gemini and dualistic thinking. Saturn is the initiator of structures and when there is Karma, Saturn initiates the physical reality of it. Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable to a Higher Mind energy (as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter) to see the big picture of duality and how it is merely a mirror image of each other. Sagittarius is Opposite Mercury’s Sign of Gemini and where we begin to resolve duality, aka Karma. Mercury in Leo is talking about fun, romance, entertainment, children and creativity of all kinds. Saturn is going to expect Mercury…

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Monday 10/07/2017

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Journey by the sea

Monday July 10th, 2017.

The Moon enters Aquarius.

The Sun in cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

The Moon moves into Aquarius this morning. The Sun in cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. The emotional way of thinking , our desire to transform our life, and the feeling you have been experiencing in regards to this shift, especially over the weekend with the Full Moon in Capricorn has resulted or concluded into being a lesson of some sort. Have you managed to figure out what that lesson is yet? We can add in the mix this Moon in Aquarius, which in a positive way benefits us as our  logic and thoughts become very clear without emotional confusion , SUCH as  ” is this the right path or have I done this the best to my ability” we are more logically to our approach of self-help and healing. The potential to make errors…

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There could be powerstruggles with the dominating people in your life. I feel at this time , this is not getting the” thank you”, that you want . Or the credit that you think you deserve, so at this time just help for the sake of helping with this energy. You do speak your mind , you could be in the moment. So careful what you say to others, because your just being in the moment. Expressing your frustrations today.

I feel that the old ways of doing things no longer works for you, or you may not have any patience for any process or procedure that you may have to go through. You could be more focus on other things in your life. And other people maybe wanting more of your attention which your not giving them. Try to put yourselves in other people’s shoes…

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Sun opposite Pluto, 10th July, 2017!

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The Turquoise Blueprint

SUN opposite PLUTO, even after the full moon in Capricorn yesterday, the burn is still happening loud and strong, you can feel it still today. You are worn out and tired. Sun and Pluto are still illuminating and bringing forth insight of the deeper issues within.
It’s intense times, Sun vitality, Pluto, transformation.
It is a point of culmination, a mid-point, turning point, walk away, leave that behind, it ‘s not working out.
What ever it is you are tired of it, worn out.
You can feel the outside pressure around you from within and from others.
Finding what’s in you and what is your truth, time to shine a little more, as the old is slowly being peeled away.
This is a pop energy as in, you could, be wise and channel it positive ways for you.

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Full Moon in Capricorn, 2017!

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The Turquoise Blueprint

kali Kali goddess – birth – death – rebirth

Full Moon In Capricorn, 9th July, 2017, 17 degrees, @2:07:21 pm.

Sun, Moon, Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter are the players.

Transcend, transform to new heights!

You’ve probably have had Enough, the internal, external emotional pressure swirling around you. The extremes of emotions are pulling, pushing and probing you, you want things to change and sometimes it takes the external factors around you, with them pushing for you to make them. What is making you wobble or rattled. And why?

You have to keep pushing through the boundaries of the old, to get to the other side. This Moon as the Oomph to get you through, it will impact you on some level in areas where you have had, enough! Pluto and Mars, clash and collide. A battle is raging inside and it wants you to participate, to take notice. 

This is a moon…

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Capricorn Full Moon Conjunct Pluto, 7-9-2017

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Capricorn Full Moon

I’m a little later than usual to this week’s lunation; no one, it seems, is escaping the intensity of the recent new and full moons, all urged along under the quickening force of a Fire Trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node in Leo, bringing fated circumstances into our lives.

While before, quite a few people were experiencing disruptions under the moon’s passage through Cancer, we now have the full moon transiting through Capricorn, Cancer’s opposite. Pluto waits at 18 degrees with open arms to welcome the moon in conjunction. The moon itself is the natural ruler of Cancer, and so events occurring under the previous Cancer new moon may be transforming, ending, or starting all over again at this powerful full moon. In Saturn’s house of Capricorn, the house of career, it may be the Pluto will tear down previous structures within the home…

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Pluto Full Moon

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jbuss Astrology

Jealous for Attention, Pluto inches its way toward the 20-30-Degree zone that’s been so Prominent for the last while.  As the designated illuminator, the Full Moon obliges, crossing Pluto two hours after it Opposes the Sun.  The Full Moon occurs at 9pm PDT on 8 July.  A Pluto Full Moon is likely to be Intense.  Whatever we’ve been trying to suppress itches to come forth, and we’re out of Calamine.  Actually, Seaberry Oil works better than Calamine, but it’s still not as strong as Pluto.

This itch is Bigger than it otherwise would be, because Jupiter (Bloating) makes a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) across the Full Moon…

Of course we’re likely to Experience the Challenge before (if ever) we Realize the Mastery, and the Challenge will be Overwhelm.  We are, after all, Newborns, so hitting us with a Big Challenge to suddenly Channel tons of…

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Breastfeeding from the Divine Mother

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Musing on Mars conjunct the SUN in Cancer opposed to PLUTO and MOON in Capricorn. The Moon rules CANCER and we have a reversal of energies here. The Moon in Capricorn is in detriment, opposite the Sign, it rules.

SATURN is the planetary ruler of this CAPRICORN Full MOON, Saturn, the Father, who once was the Great Mother, is in SAGITTARIUS @ 22+ degrees inconjunct to MARS exactly at 22 degrees CANCER as well as the SUN at 17 degrees CANCER. Inconjuncts are an impasse between elements. Don’t expect easy solutions under these aspects especially when they apply to the World, which Capricorn always does.

Breastfeeding Mother painting, Tara Greene, Astrology

Painting by Mary Cassatt, Motherhood, ca. 1890.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother and child, nurturing, home and emotional safety and security. Mars is also debilitated in Cancer in a traditional sense. Mars could be seen as being “inovulated” by the Feminine…

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