Soulful, Karmic & Magical Words-Jul 5

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Snapshot: Wednesday holds Soulfully Karmic expression along with clarity around the Higher Mind adjustment of Jupiter and Neptune.

The first 3 aspects has Mercury aspecting the ‘Heartbreak Transit’/ ‘crisis of faith’ players: Chiron and Saturn. With Saturn as the linchpin, Mercury also meets both Karmic players: Saturn and Neptune. Its a great day to pay attention to what you say/write or hear.

At 5:32am Mercury at 28:51 Cancer Trines Chiron at 28:51 Pisces.

This is a Soulful expression around family that soothes some of our ‘crisis of faith.’ If there has been any hurt with family members since Dec, use this aspect to offer some words that offer healing here. Chiron can show Mercury where he has been 2-faced towards family issues and help him to ease into a more convergent mode of thought.

At 8:21am Mercury at 29:04 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 23:04 Sagittarius.

This is a magical…

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