Capricorn Moon opposite Mars, defend your turf

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How are you feeling post mini Sagittarius Full Moon in June?

Capricorn Moon Goddess Astrology Tara Greene

Moon is in Capricorn now so we are feeling much more grounded.

Moon opposite MARS in CANCER

Feed your family, feed your tummy, defend your turf.  Work on building structure and discipline in your family and in your household.  Mars in Cancer can be angry at the Mother, or women, or have old unconscious memories surface from your childhood.

Mars in Cancer can also indicate anger at the Mother, or women in general. Experiencing old unconscious memories surfacing from your childhood is indicated. Mars in Cancer is repressed feelings in general and can indicate eating disorders. There can be residual anger at not being nurtured, breast fed, or at feeling rejected by the mother. “You were always the family favorite.” and things like that. You can best use this time to feel those feelings fully and not be so defensive…

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