Sage Full Moon,rare hexagon Star wisdom

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Sagittarius Moon, Diana, Astrology, tara Greene

Sagittarius Moon, sacred to Diana/Artemis

The Sagittarius Full Moon June 9th is a time For TRUTHS to be revealed. It’s a time to connect with your ancestral teachers and teachings. Sagittarius is a Masculine Fire Sign. It is sacred to the Goddess of the Hunt Diana/Artemis. Saturn, the planet of the elders Is conjunct the Moon. Sagittarius is the teacher of mysticism and wisdom.  Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius in Occult Astrology is the home of the Master Spiritual Teachers.

Jupiter IS stationary turnING Direct @ 7:03 am PDT/ 10:03 am EDT/ 2:03 pm GMT. This is when Jupiter’s influence is the most beneficial and impactful. This makes this truly a Sage FULL Moon. 

The Strawberry, Rose, Pink, or Long Nights MOON will appear smaller than normal as it is at its farthest distance to the earth. This is the opposite of a Super Moon. It is very much a “mere…

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