Third Full Moon of Spring

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full moon in sag

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings dreamers, artists and moon people, we enter our final Full Moon of Spring on June 9, 2017 in the fiery sign of Sagittarius at 18 degrees. Sag energy is the coyote or troublemaker, so if you chose to cause trouble or respond to trouble, be prepared for the great mirror. In fire moons, there is always risk and sometimes the risk is worth it, and other times it opens up Pandora’s box and that can be more than we bargained for.

Patience with instinctual spontaneity is the rule for balance of this fire full moon. We have all finally made it to the last stage of the Spring Season. When I teach about the three moons of each of the 4 seasons as a practice, its what they offer us in the ways of our personal emotional growth, building trust of our intuition and…

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