The Gemini Sagittarius Axis

June 7, 2017 at 5:20 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on The Gemini Sagittarius Axis

Astrology with James

Upcoming full moon asks us to make something out of our neurotic and spastic energy.

Friday June 9th // 9:10 AM Est 6:10 AM PST
Working with the Gemini Sagittarius axis always speaks to changeable and excitable experiences. With the changing of the moons nodes fairly recent, The Loe-Esque intentions of the moon are felt in our hearts, our passions, our desires.

You may have noticed a difference recently from the Virgo (mental detached analytical critical insightful) to Leo (heart centered passionate self referencing romantic).

This moon has all the trappings of Astrological Adrenal Fatigue.

Everything and everyone is just a bit more excitable, flammable, aggressive, passionate. This includes your thoughts and emotional states. From now until Saturday morning, someone is spiking your coffee or even your green juice.

For now, consider how you deal with anxiety. How do you take advantage of a day off? Extra income, what would…

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