MERCURY into GEMINI (June 6 – 21): Life is Learning!

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Another planet shift today 06 / 06, under the double-Alchemy of GEMINI and the SCORPIO MOON:
MERCURY, entered today its natural Zodiac energy – of GEMINI, and our mental energy can be more swift and versatile, open to learn – from anything.

Re-enter conversations that might have gotten stagnant under MERCURY in TAURUS, and make new contacts (like, by: simply ASKing people something).  Be the Student of Life. A good time to start a new learning project, esp. languages. And keep track (or not) of all the ideas that pop in now.


Hermes / MercuryHermes / Mercury , with winged helmet, sandals, and Caduceus / serpent staff of the healer (“Like heals Like”)

In the meantime, with MERCURY ‘Messenger’ in GEMINI our mind is buzzing like a bee and dancing around like a butterfly, mer-curious to sample here and there, learn where we go, and make light-hearted connections,
while in…

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