Alchemical full Moon in Sagittarius

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Sarah Fuhro Star-Flower Alchemy

dried earth        photo: Bruce Lhuillier

An Alchemical Full Moon in Sagittarius

 Here  is a story I heard yesterday. It was used by Jung to explain the synchronicity of our inner and outer being.

There was a great drought in the Chinese village where Jung’s friend lived.  For months there had not been a drop of rain and the situation became catastrophic.

Finally the local people said, ‘We will fetch the rain-maker.’ And from another province an old man appeared. The only thing he asked for was a quiet little house somewhere, and there he locked himself in for three days.   On the fourth day the clouds gathered and there was a great rain-storm, an unusual amount, and the town was so full of rumours about the wonderful rain-maker that Wilhelm went to ask the man how he did it. ‘They call you the rain-maker; will you tell…

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