6 Deer / MANIK – Living as a Creator: Day 6

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Jaguar Spirit


Greetings Kin,

Tone 6 is the first day of Peak Energy in this cycle of Spiritual Growth. The energy of Tone 6 facilitates dynamic developments. Compared to a great athlete, Tone 6 draws upon all its practice, strength, and talent to generate the momentum of forward movement.

Deer/MANIK is our guide to a realization of our own transformation. MANIK is also known as Hand, which acknowledges our Divine Purpose to be an Extension of the Creator. The glyph illustrates a Human Hand with the thumb and forefinger grasping an Element of Ether. The thumb and forefinger of the right hand respectively represent our Divine Will (right thumb ruled by the Sun/AHAU, the Divine Masculine), and our Divine Discernment (right forefinger ruled by Crocodile/IMIX, the Divine Feminine). Through the “Will to Discern” Sacred Wisdom, we complete a circuit of Divine Energy.

Deer/MANIK is Day Sign of the…

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