Mars in Cancer

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18839248_10154356226501268_1800699078983662420_nMars in Cancer- Therefore “I FEEL” – So get over it!
By Ruby

Let’s think back two years ago because there was something important happening! From June through August of 2015 there was some sort of destiny or path you headed down, and important work that you’ve started doing while on this path if you knew it or not! Now there’s a whole new path we are being asked to head down, that relates back to where we were two years ago. Over the next several weeks you will get the chance to see if the work you did back then was successful or not.

Mars lends a helping hand!
Mars the planet of motivation is here to help you with your Karmic path. It’s time to follow a new path, as Mars gives you the energy and drive to see your projects through to completion. And the Universe will…

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