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Rubys Readings

Rubys Astro Readings

Thurs, June 1st

Our love lives and financial affairs might really get a boost this week, and we all can benefit in one way or another!
Venus is the sign of fiery Aries right now but is in a much better place this week, which reflects in our relationships (since Venus, after all, does rule over our relationships.) She’s also in a very nice connection with stabilizing Saturn in Sagittarius, and beings to form a connection with erratic but Awakening Uranus that peaks on Saturday, but we will feel this energy starting now as it slowly comes together.
The interesting thing is Saturn and Uranus are still hanging out in a very nice connection of their very own, so Venus will benefit from the steadiness of Saturn and boldness that Uranus bring out in each of us!
FYI – When Venus and Uranus meet up or conjunct…

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