Changed, Soulful Desires – Jun 2/3

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: All day on Friday we have clarity around the ‘big picture’, global philosophy and the challenge of local vs global. Early Saturday we will act on unexpected desires or find unexpected resources. At the same time we have some magical clarity around our and others’ use of power. By early afternoon our desires get more Soulful and playful.

All day on Sunday the Sun at 12+ degrees of Gemini will Oppose Black Moon Lillith at 12+ degrees of Sagittarius.

BML in Sagittarius is helping us all to see the bigger picture of things, to more easily achieve higher consciousness and to see the patterns of things. As the Sun Opposes BML from Gemini, the Sign of local things, we will be contrasting local ideologies and global ideologies. We can see how this axis of ‘communication and knowledge’ affects us all.

At 3:32am (EST) on Saturday Venus at 27:06 Aries…

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