May 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Michele Elizabeth

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Good morning I hope you are well, so the energy has changed gears once again and you may have felt it like a drop, although it still feels chatty and sociable and about connecting, being and loving your friends and family, I also feel a melancholy or sadness running through it, a temptation to run home and hide under the duvet, without really knowing why.

I feel that this energy is as always about truths within and that the sadness has to do with revelations about our own behaviour. The moon brought a great deal up about our own inner truth and speaking that but now it seems that we are to have eureka moments about our own behaviour and motivations and it may not be all that rosy.

REMEMBER not to hold on to this, not to let it define you; don’t fall into victim or martyr mode. WE…

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