Week of May 29, 2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

Sometimes we catch a break and this week is one of them. It is possible we’ll be able to make some progress on several fronts for a change. Some fog rolls in over the weekend but nothing too dense. There are quite a few aspects to keep things moving along, an improvement over that Mars-Saturn opposition last night.

This is the last week Mars will be in versatile Gemini because he’ll be moving into security conscious Cancer on June 4. The effects of the frustrating opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius may linger on Monday but when Mars is sextile innovative Uranus in Aries on Tuesday, we stand a good chance of discovering a great work around. It is fairly smooth sailing after that. The only glitch comes on Friday when Mars squares Chiron in Pisces, and if we go out of our way to be aware of other people’s sensitivities…

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Enjoy the expansive Leo Moon today 5-29-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

Whenever the Moon leaves security conscious Cancer for outgoing Leo, the atmosphere lightens considerably. Today the Moon makes its entrance into fiery Leo very first thing this morning and she makes no aspects until this evening when she enjoy a sociable sextile to the Gemini Sun. Here in the USA this is perfect for Memorial Day activities such as picnics, parades and family gatherings. Those who do have to work today will also benefit from the genial warmth spread by the Leo Moon. 🌠☽♌🌠

There could be some holdover from yesterday’s Mars in Gemini-Saturn in Sagittarius opposition, especially if it hit your natal chart strongly. These frustrations will gradually ease as Mars moves out of orb over the next day or so. By next Sunday, Mars will be leaving Gemini for Cancer where he is considered to be debilitated. Mars is not at his best in either scattered Gemini or…

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Mars Saturn Opposition, war of words, rare Flower of Life

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

The BIG aspect right now is MARS in GEMINI conjunct to the North Star opposite Saturn at the Galactic Center in SAGITTARIUS.  The aspect is exact May 28th in PDT @ 11:55 pm. May 29 @ 2:55 am EDT/ 6:55 am GMT/ 2:55 pm Beijing time. Remember they are both still squaring CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER in PISCES. 

This is a literal war of words and ideologies, religions,shuffling your conversations to suit the desired outcome so that one doesn’t have to commit. Don’t most politicians speak this? This is a divide and conquer mentality. Mars in GEMINI is the what Jungian psychology called the Peur Eternis or  Peter Pan syndrome. These are men who are children inside, egotistic, competitive, unsympathetic, afraid to commit, play the dice game all the time. Women also have an internal Peur Eternis preventing them from commitments too.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the wise elder SAGE teacher. Saturn…

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The Moon & Astrology; how it affects our daily life: Transiting Moon In Leo (2) May 2017

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Serenity's Gift Cove (sgc)

Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

  • Date:  May 29 8:12 am (ET) 5:12 am (PT) 2017
  • Moon Sign: Leo
  • Moon Phase: 1st 
  • Void-off-Course: May 31 @ 7:14 am(ET) 4:14 am (PT) to Virgo Moon late May 31: *Leo Moon* v/c is not one of the 4 “good signs”
  • House(s): 11th house of hobbies, friends, groups and teamwork. (Equal house system)
  • Opportunity Period: May 30 2:48 pm (ET) 11:48 am (PT) to v/c moon on May 31. Good for getting down to some serious business. 

What does it all mean?

  • The Leo Moon Loves Drama, so be warned… 
  • The Leo Moon loves to noticed and recognized, so be prepared to “pump up” your loved ones and if you happened to have a Leo influence in yourself, be aware of how you may be going about getting recognized or appreciated… If you play your cards right this could be a positive time when you get to be…

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This Week’s Astro-Insights – Mon 28 May 2017

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Mars sextile Uranus

Although you may have drifted into a dreamy reverie over the weekend, expect to come down to earth with a hard bump on Monday when a Mars-Saturn opposition creates obstacles to progress that are likely to end in frustration.

You may also find energy levels dipping, despite a desire to press ahead. See any potential delays or roadblocks as fortuitous and take advantage of any slowdowns to rest and regroup.

Instead, allow the playful energy of the Leo Moon to bring out your fin, creative side  – a far better use of this lunar energy than throwing hissy fits or being melodramatic!

Surprising developments and/or unexpected breakthroughs on Wednesday are likely to send you in a completely different direction, so count your blessings and reserve your energies until then. You’ll more than likely look back and thank your lucky stars that you waited because the options on offer will be far…

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Cancer Moon’s mood deteriorates today 5-28-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

If you’re an early riser, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the best aspects the Cancer Moon makes today, sextiles to Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus. Both of those create a lovely feeling of peacefulness. By midday, things begin to go south starting with an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn around noon and a square to Venus in Aries late afternoon/early evening. It looks like controlling behaviors and problems coming to an agreement on what sounds like fun lead to resentments. Hurt feelings are always amplified when the Moon is in sensitive, moody Cancer. This is good time to practice patience and kindness. Remember this to shall pass and tomorrow is a better day. 🌠☽♋🌠

Tonight is the exact opposition between Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius at 25°. This is going to affect those with personal planets and/or Ascendant between 24° to 26° in the…

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May 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Michele Elizabeth

live it.jpg

Good morning I hope you are well, so the energy has changed gears once again and you may have felt it like a drop, although it still feels chatty and sociable and about connecting, being and loving your friends and family, I also feel a melancholy or sadness running through it, a temptation to run home and hide under the duvet, without really knowing why.

I feel that this energy is as always about truths within and that the sadness has to do with revelations about our own behaviour. The moon brought a great deal up about our own inner truth and speaking that but now it seems that we are to have eureka moments about our own behaviour and motivations and it may not be all that rosy.

REMEMBER not to hold on to this, not to let it define you; don’t fall into victim or martyr mode. WE…

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Nemesis Next

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jbuss Astrology

Once we get past our 4 Pisces 30 May OR10 Station, our next hurdle is the Station of Nemesis on 3 June at 5 Aquarius, followed by a 14 Libra Jupiter Station on 9 June.  Slow-moving dwarf planet that it is (at 550 years, it takes OR10 almost twice as much time to do a full loop as Pluto, which laps in 250 years), I don’t expect much bleedthrough from lowly asteroid Nemesis (which whips around every four and a half years); OR10 and its Vignettes are more likely to dominate center stage.

Orbital speed cuts both ways.  The slower a planet moves, the less often we get to Experience its Dances.  With less Experience comes less Competence, and we’re more often caught off guard.  The essence of a newly discovered planet is that its Influence is Emerging from the undifferentiated Unconscious.  When something Emerges into Consciousness, it isn’t Discovered…

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The Mercury Buddha meets Thor Astrology

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

May 27 Mercury quincunx Jupiter

Gemini Moon still bopping away the only new aspect is a square from the Moon to Chiron in PISCES while under an already void od course Moon @ 1:46 am PDT.

Moon enters CANCER and comes home.

The mood changes to distinctly emotional, sentimental all about comfort food, nurturing, gathering with family or friends and feeding each other, caring openly supporting and offering emotional safety. Feelings are strong. Women and children are the focus. It is also an excellent planting time if you haven’t gotten your garden in yet, this is the last New Moon day.

Mercury in TAURUS quincunx Jupiter in LIBRA -NO BULLSHIT!

Jupiter and Mercury Astrology Tara Greene Giovanni Battista Langetti, Mercury Presenting Thunderbolts to Jupiter mid 1600’s

Mercury is our intellect, our brains, how we communicate and think. In earthy, sensuous Taurus we think from our bodies, our earthly desires not our detached minds primarily. 

VENUS rules…

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