Choose the thought that set you free!

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Astrology by Mathilde

      New Moon at 5 degrees Gemini           25/26th May

Gemini. Coloured engraving by S. Hall
via Creative Commons
Credit: Wellcome Library

Gemini New Moon: time to reflect on the quality of our communication. This is an ideal time to improve the way we talk and exchange ideas with others (and with ourselves). Our mind is constantly chattering, what thoughts are we listening to? Are we on a default setting? Have we heard the same thoughts for what seems like eons? Do your thoughts keep you stuck or set you free?

Gemini new Moon is a good opportunity to gather new insights on all this.

This is a calm new Moon, thankfully lacking drama.

Master of communication

Gemini energy is clever, quick, playful, responsive, inquisitive, unstable, resourceful, restless and nervous. It represents language and learning. Adaptability and flexibility are some of Gemini’s best qualities…

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