May 26, 2017 (Julian 146) Gemini Moon + Outer Planet Quintiles

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Irregular Oracle

May 26, 2017 (Julian 146) Gemini Moon + Outer Planet Quintiles

More than a few astrological prognosticators thought that the New Moon in Gemini was a great time for idea generation and communications.  While that is technically true, today is better.

First, let us take a look at the Moon today.  It has a mix of aspects starting the day with a semi-square to Uranus and a trine to Jupiter.  That is a great combination to “get things done.”  A neptune square by a bit past 5 AM CDT can contribute either confusion or insights on what to do next.  About 3 PM the Moon sextiles Venus, generally favorable, and by a bit past 9 PM the Moon joins Mars (avoid Friday night fights, please).

But the kicker today are the multiple 5th harmonic aspects with outer planet bodies.  Ceres forms a biquintile with Astraea, benefiting those involved with issues…

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FRIDAY:There could be power struggles with relationships especially with the women in your life. At this time you want to do what you want to do, and the other person maybe putting a stop to your fun or restricting you in someway. You can be going through unusual events at this time, it may not be a dull moment today

SATURDAY :Not the best energy at this time, it’s best to stay off the comment bar, you might not be getting along with siblings ,friends or neighbors with this energy. You could feel like other people in your life are taking advantage of your kindness or crossing boundaries with you

SUNDAY :You have a stellium in your first house. For some of you this energy brings endings and new beginnings . What ever is bothering at this time you take care of right away. So if the house…

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May 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Michele Elizabeth

May 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

your life

Good Morning I hope you are well, we are still in the energy of this beautiful new moon so expect the energy to be excitable and chatty going in to the weekend. You may find that you have moments where you mouth runs away with you and you say things that you didn’t expect to you however you may find that these things needed to be said.

The energy of truth is around by the bucket load as usual and when you stand in your own power you will find the truth tumbling from your mouth as if by itself but you will be amazed at the transformations it can bring. Often we are afraid of speaking our mind, expressing ourselves or asking for what we want but when spoken from the heart, from that place of inner power and truth nothing bad happens…

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New Moon in Gemini, May 2017!!!

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image Photography by Kristian Schuller

Generally a new moon in Gemini is flighty, easy, airy, flirting and fun. However this one may have you in a knot or two. No aspects are hitting this new moon, but what is going on with other planets is what is going to impact you the most. Some are easy and well some are just not. So the mix in the air is tense, a struggle a dilemma or two.

Either way whatever is happening in your world, take a moment to look at it and delve a little deeper into it, make this moon more of an inner journey, as you may need to make a few changes that have been floating up from the subconscious and that’s Pluto territory, shaking you up, and you all know what Pluto is about, removing whatever does not or is not working for you. Venus is…

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New Moon In Gemini – Set Yourself Free

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We have a New Moon at 4° Gemini on May 25th. The New Moon is unaspected and the New Moon ruler, Mercury is unaspected as well, so we will have pure Gemini energy, curious, movable, playful, like a dandelion sweetly wafting on a gentle breeze.

This New Moon in Gemini is great for learning and explorations of any kind. Not the type of learning you get when you enroll in a class, when you listen to what others have to say, but the learning you do by yourself, by touching, smelling, tasting, making your own sense of the world, exploring life with a beginner’s mind.

New Moon Neptune Venus Cancer Scorpio

I love unaspected planets. Although we can find at times the free energy of an unaspected planet uncomfortable, the unaspected planets are in fact the pure expression of the genius of the Universe. When a planet is aspected, it cannot express itself freely…

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Alchemy Astrology forecast – go to tumblr

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Alchemy Astrology

I’ll be teaching in a remote area this week so I won’t have internet access. I’ve posted ahead on tumbler at:

I’ll resume my posts upon our return from:
#timothyawilkerson #alchemyastrology #satsang

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Energy Flux with the New Moon in Gemini today 5-25-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

After a quiet time with a void-of-course Taurus Moon, there will be a noticeable change in mood when the Moon dashes into Gemini early this morning. The only aspect she makes for close to twenty four hours is the New Moon in Gemini during the afternoon. One of Gemini’s best things is the knack for quickly processing masses of information and make adjustments accordingly on the fly. This New Moon could hit many people with more data than they can handle, especially if they have strongly fixed sign charts. Most of us would benefit from taking a few days to let things settle enough so we can determine what’s valuable and what’s not. Do your best to pace yourself today and be firm about not taking on too much at once. 🌠☽♊🌠

Today Venus in Aries exactly squares Pluto in Capricorn at 19°. It will not be easy to accurately…

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 New Moon Day! 25/05/2017

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Journey by the sea

Thursday, May 25th, 2017.

 Venus in Aries square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.

The New Moon is in Gemini.

Today is a powerhouse of a day! It’s a day that defines the entire week.

Venus in Aries square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.Causing and creating tension and friction. The planet of love, beauty and money forming a challenging aspect to the planet of transformation, destruction and healing.WOW!  Use this energy for empowering yourself to heal and transform, reconnect with yourself and everything you hold dear. If issues arise with a loved one today do your best to keep your cool. Resist the urge to react and just listen, sometimes its best when we say nothing at all. Keep your mind and heart open, and don’t be quick to use the Aires energy and react quick-witted and hasty. The key today is to avoid power and control struggles, its OK to be vulnerable.

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GEMINI New Moon (May 25): Revolutionary Alchemy

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Melanie's Astro~News

VENUS and MARS are stirring it UP!

Johfra Bosschart Gemini PhoenixMercury Rules Gemini. Painting by Johfra Bosschart. Upper part detail: The Phoenix

Before we meet the GEMINI New Moon directly, let’s honour ‘her entourage’ of planetary ‘players’, and the overall Astro sphere – GEMINI AIR is fanning a lot of FIRE…

The GEMINI painting by Johfra Bosschart shows on its top the double-headed Phoenix bird, arising from the Yin-Yang Alchemy of opposites. In this deeper sense, GEMINI is the Alchemist.

And we are called to be Alchemists of conflict, dualities and opposites, in so many ways, these days.

A very dynamic, fiery scene is going on these days, with a Grand Fire Trine (in effect all May), as well as MARS and VENUS, the two archetypal ‘lovers’ being both quite active in their own ways.

When it comes to FIRE, VENUS / URANUS ignite us in ARIES, the North Node in LEO, LILITH…

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Since the 16th one of the longer transit coming up this month and all the way up till June 23rd. Are the planets moving into Gemini and Cancer opposing Saturn. So at this time this can slow down business growth for some . Meaning business is coming in but a slow progression with growth at this time because Saturn is in retrograde. So there is going to be more obstacles in our way in regards to growth with business. For some of you this is a great time for going back to school, spirituality or updating yourself on your business. Because Saturn in Sagittarius is all about that ninth house energy which is schooling, or even communication. But the planets are opposing at this time with the planet Saturn in retrograde so things at this time. Even though we ask for them are more promises of things to come or…

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Dark Goddess dreams, Lilith and Neptune 

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Lilith in SAGITTARIUS is now in a 90-degree square aspect to NEPTUNE in PISCES

Lilith/Eve Astrology Tara Greene

Franz Von Stuck The SIN

The Dark Goddess LILLITH truly is the personification the New or Dark Moon phase of every single New Moon. We are in a New Moon in Gemini, the sign of the mind, the lungs, and our dual natures. Lilith is opposite to the New Moon degrees @  11 degrees SAGITTARIUS.

Lilith is a real force and a living symbol of women’s menstrual periods, the most powerful time of the month for every woman. When women bleed they are at the height of their psychic powers. Traditionally women worldwide would retreat to their special sacred caves, their menstrual huts, red tents or moon lodges as they sat together and bled directly onto Mother Earth as a ritual thanksgiving to the great mother who birthed all the children of the earth. It’s a…

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 25, 2017

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Freedom For Humanity | We The People | WWG1WGA

The energy that presents to you is a match to what you have already experienced combined with new potentials that are opening up to you. You might think of it as a lineup of plays you can attend during a season. You can choose to see a performance that you have already seen and enjoyed…

via Daily Message ~ Thursday May 25, 2017 —

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Choose the thought that set you free!

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Gemini New Moon

May 26, 2017 at 12:11 am | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Gemini New Moon

"Just Another BlaH BlaH BlaH BloG."

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Gemini New Moon

The duality of life is very powerful with this New Gemini Moon, especially the next two weeks. We will be feeling a lot of opposites. We need this to know what is right for us.

Be gentle with yourself, be true to YOU.

The New Moon is the perfect time to rebirth your desires, wants, and changes in your life. Plant those internal seeds of desires.You have the ability to move energy into action. Trust your own mastery and be open to a larger possibility!

Create a ritual for this Gemini Moon, set the wheel in motion with your intentions. You are powerful and the great Manifestor of your life. Love yourself Fiercely!

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