What The Gemini New Moon Angels Are Whispering To Us | New Beginnings Guatemala

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What The Gemini New Moon Angels Are Whispering To Us

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
to me it feels like the wheels have been turning so quickly already these year, it is incredible how much has happened for all of us collectively. We are now under the peeking influence of this years Gemini New Moon, the sign of brotherhood and sisterhood between all beings on planet earth. Another wonderful chance for us to collectively reach profounder depth of our souls desire for a Golden Age of Aquarius in this magical world of love and light, and for a peaceful coexistence of all tribes.
One or the other might be challenged to pay back for some karmic influences created in the past, but also for this case there is loving guidance and angelic support provided. Make sure you are

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Astrology : Daily Panchang – May 26th, 2017

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Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Panchang – May 26th, 2017

Jyeshtha Month of hindu calendar, 1st day – Pratipada, Shukla Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Rohini Nakshtra and will be till 21:04 Hrs (IST), Moon will be in Mrigshira Nakshtra at 21:04 Hrs (IST). Sukarm Yog,

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That Gemini New Moon When You Got Real With Yourself

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We have to get down to releasing our self-made soap operas so that we can focus on the lives we want to be living for ourselves

I recently got over a conflict I was having with a friend, except the friend wasn’t entirely aware that there was even a conflict at all. Yes, that reveals me to be somewhat of a passive-aggressive headcase. I can admit to that. But there was also real hurt and sadness there, and I had constructed all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t directly confront the problem. Some of it I even construed as being considerate on my part. But of course, it was all just fear-based. And in hindsight, I think some of the drama I was creating in my head, and in my relationship, was just stifled creativity withheld by resistance.

In his masterful book, THE WAR OF ART, Steven Pressfield writes, “Creating…

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Void Moon followed by being practical yet allow Divine guidance to arrive

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New Moon in Gemini 5/25

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Willpower Astrology

Hey hey,

So the new moon was just a little while ago at 12.44pm MST, and for us in SLC it was directly on the Midheaven or directly overhead (giving public/10th House importance to the moon energy).

New moon is the time to rest and recharge, to plant seeds and make plans. In the air sign of Gemini, the focus is on communication. We have to think about new ways of expressing ideas. Words used unconsciously during this time will become a stumbling block later on, but since the moon is in its dark phase and not yet illuminated by the light of Sun-consciousness, we might do it impulsively. However, words used with clear intent now can be a bulldozer to clear that block as you go.

The ruler of New Moon Gemini is Mercury, which will be in the sign of Taurus thru June 6. This earth sign is…

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Soul Technology: A Guide to the Gemini New Moon

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Free Yah Mind

Today, the Moon rebirths herself in Gemini. This year’s New Moons have felt intense … this one feels no different. Today’s New Moon feels strong on communication and information gathering—something that often comes up with Gemini and its ruler, Mercury—communication conduit and technological Trickster. Gemini, as the Third House of the Zodiac, represents both how we gather information in our everyday lives and how we communicate the information we gather. The house of your chart inhabited by Gemini represents where these activities tend to occur. This placement can offer insight into or reminders of how you learned as a child in your unstructured play time. With the Moon in this sign, returning to or recalling this aspect of your life might offer you comfort and help you to move through a block that you didn’t even know was there.

This New Moon is calling us to be practical. Cut the…

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Jumping In: New Moon In Gemini

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lazy goddess

swimming pool photo by Nophi Mitchell photo by Nophi Mitchell

So I’m officially in rehearsals for the play.

It’s been years since I was in a full cast play. As much as I’m a seasoned theater actor (ha!) who’s been performing since I was a kid, the process is always exciting and full of nervous energy for me. Theater and performing are my loves and bring me joy, and they also challenge me and take me to unknown places. There is a huge surrender that’s required, which is both awesome and scary. 

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5 Ways to navigate the waters of the NEW MOON in GEMINI {May 25th, 2017} with grace & ease

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Malabella Jewels Blog

NEW MOON IN GEMINI ~ May 25th, 2017


This powerful New Moon in Gemini is pulling and tugging on our past demons asking us to uncover the past, unplug from the ego, and recharge and reset our desires and destinies. We are being forced into the mirror of our unconscious, seeing what drives us and fuels our path and asks us to reassess what truly is.  This powerful New Moon may ignite feelings of jealousy, desire, and fear. We may feel unfocused, irritable, and unable to take decisive action. Do not step away from the dark my loves, NOW is the time to feel it all. To notice what pokes our ego and asks us to be better for not ourselves but for others. We may need to shed a dream or an ambition that we thought was for us but may not be. What we thought we needed or desired…

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Third New Moon of Spring

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Soul Dreamers

Becca Stadtlander FlowersBy Phoenix of Elder MountainGreetings Dreamers, Artists and Moon Walkers, our third and last new moon of Spring arrives on Thursday, May 25, 2017. I did an oracle for all of us, to remind us to hold the completion of our dreaming for the remainder of spring:

Still your passions and settle your will; all things come when its the right season at the right time. If you wish for a speedy outcome, you will be disappointed. If you do not expect too much from others, you will find gratification. Remember that unbridled ambition is repugnant and wishing the world was the way of our “little self” is futility. We practice contentment at whatever stage of life we are to refrain from grasping. It is only a practice my friend until it becomes real.

Gemini moons represent a few things: the mind first and foremost, and…

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Meditating with the Super New Moon in Gemini, May 25, 2017

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Astrology with Michelle Gregg

Neural-firing-synapses-Super-New-Moon-Gemini Neural networks, like the human brain, are capable of ‘deep learning’, recognition and prediction. Credit: Firstsignal/istock

MEDITATING WITH THE NEW MOON – Thursday, May 25, 2017 – 3:44 PM Eastern

As with every New Moon, this one marks the beginning of a fresh new cycle. Because the Moon is so close to Earth giving us a Super New Moon – even though we can’t see her when she’s new – your responses may be stronger, the pull greater. During a Super Moon, due to the closeness of Luna to the Earth, the ocean’s tides run higher, and I expect, your responses are more strongly felt as well.

Being in the sign of Gemini, this is a fertile time to engage your mind and to communicate what you think, what you learn, and what you know. Give your curiosity free reign, and allow that restless, questioning spirit to…

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