Sun Enters Gemini Friday May 20 2017:

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Sun into Gemini May 20 2017

illustration of astrological sign used in Western astrology to Gemini zodiac symbol Stock Vector - 6785104 Copyright : Katya Triling

  • Gemini is one of the dual signs of the zodiac, multi faceted, multi task orientated, and sometimes close friends and relatives would say multi person-ed…. 🙂 

  • Gemini is an air sign, ruled by the planet of communication Mercury, it’s easy to understand why some Gemini’s have the “gift of the gab” and are usually pretty adept at “small talk”

  • It’s not unusual to find a Gemini doing more than one thing at once, having two-part time jobs or signing up for all kinds of things.. 

  • Gemini folk need to be busy, if they aren’t doing, then they have to be planning something. A full date book is likely a happy if somewhat frazzled Gemini. 

  • And while their airy nature allows them to be easy-going and flexible for most of the time, don’t be surprised when they tell you no, when they…

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