Verbalizing Deep, Soulful Stuff – May 12/13

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Snapshot: This weekend we will express or hear things that present some Soulful perspectives. Mercury makes all of the aspects this weekend, but thankfully he is Soulful and understanding his connection to all that is.

At 6:40am (EST) on Saturday morning Mercury at 27:51 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 27:51 Pisces.

Here the words are productive and final for now. Mercury is making the 3rd and final pass to Chiron as part of the current Retrograde cycle. Mercury is expressing his need for personal freedom, change or inspiration. Chiron is separating a bit from the Heartbreak Squares with Saturn, but still has us in some guilt, shame or emotional pain of some sort. This productive aspect allows us to put a finger on the pain and move away from it.

At 5:42pm on Sunday Mercury at at 28:57 Aries Trines the North Node at 28:57 Leo.

Here are words are again…

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