May 13th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Michele Elizabeth

happiness in the soul

Good Morning I hope you are well, there has once again been a shift in the energy and for now it is more playful and light. This energy is about embracing the pleasure, enjoying yourself and letting go in the moment, feeling everything.

There is a heightened sensitivity that usually comes with the full moon but this is in a slightly different way, lighter perhaps.

So indulge your sense, do whatever floats your boat, blows your hair back, do it for no other reason than you like it and you can, and trust me you can , you can find the time, No excuses for you!

Delight your senses with touch smells taste and sensations, delight your mind, excite your heart and surprise your emotions.

So what do you Love to do, what makes you lose yourself? Art, rock climbing, go to the beach, rock climbing, swimming, dining with friends…

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