Scorpio – Taurus full moon – transformation

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Scorpio full moonSCORPIO – TAURUSfull moon today asks us, how do you handle transformation? Moon in Scorpio is always intense – coupled with the stubborn streak of Taurus, things could get sticky. The energies of cosmos at this point are both immovable and intensely moving, symbolized by the polarity on this fixed sign axis.

As always during full moons, both sun and moon are involved, reminding us to blend the masculine/feminine or male/female in ways that don’t pull in opposite directions, but instead dance together, bound by mutual attraction. Opposites attract, but in many ways, Taurus and Scorpio are not so different in that it’s very very hard to change their minds once they’re set.

Scorpio seeks total transformation, even if it means tearing down everything they’ve been working toward forever, while Taurus wants to hang on for their dear life to everything they’ve built. During this full moon, which side…

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