Scorpio Full Moon Vibes

May 10, 2017 at 11:46 am | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Scorpio Full Moon Vibes

Free Yah Mind

Boy, oh boy. Here we are at the Scorpio Full Moon. Whatever intentions you set, seeds you planted at the Scorpio New Moon back at the end of October (intentionally or not) can be harvested now, will come to fruition now.

Full Moons are times of release. All that energy builds, builds, builds like a wave, like condensation in a cloud, like anger, like sadness, like breath, like shit, like sex. And eventually, it all needs to be released by shitting, by exhaling, by a wave breaking, by crying, by raining, by screaming, by coming. Everything needs to be released–not forgotten, but released, and released through the body–either the bodies we’re in or the One Body we’re on–Earth. This is the wisdom of Scorpio. Scorpio knows how to release. Scorpio knows that we MUST release. Scorpio knows how to cut off. But to be honest, Scorpio isn’t great at letting…

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