Full (Flower) Moon in Scorpio

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The Metaphysical Goddess

Full Moon in Scorpio

🔥🌠🔥Special Energy Report 🔥🌠🔥

🌕 Full Moon in ♏ Scorpio

Look up at 5:42PM (EDT) and see the Moon reach its zenith in the House of Scorpio. Ah, the sweet pull of the sensual is here and it is divine.

The Full Moon Event

The Moon represents our needs and what we need under a Scorpio Moon is connection – deep, intimate, powerful connection to others.

Whilst this sign is linked to sex, the intimacy here does not have to,necessarily, be sexual – it’s about feeling understood, known, heard and seen. But before we can truly be seen by another, we need to connect with ourselves.

Intense personal interactions will reveal exactly how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. Greater power and influence over your own life allows for a positive transformation and for relationships to evolve to a deeper level or you will be…

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