Emotional Truths : Full Moon in Scorpio : May 10

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The Scorpio Full Moon is now upon us, drawing into exactitude on May 10 at 1:42pm in the Pacific time zone.  She offers a fantastic opportunity to dive into our unwanted, discarded or so-called negative emotions, whether in an internal process or in working out interpersonal or community difficulties. Scorpio’s depths can be known for “drama,” but it only becomes drama when we refuse to surrender to the problematic and untidy aspects of relationships.

Scorpio Full Moon in the Pacific time zone

In reality, the Scorpio Moon is searching for emotional truth, but it can be a little guarded because it’s so vulnerable, exposed, and a little raw in expecting betrayal…particularly in emotion-phobic societies, a Scorpionic Moon cannot always trust that it will be met in that place of vulnerability by others.

Occupying the other side of this lunation, the Sun in Taurus is comfort-seeking, especially creaturely and bodily comforts/habits…

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