May 9, 2017 (Julian 129) Moon in Scorpio Waxing

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Irregular Oracle

May 9, 2017 (Julian 129) Moon in Scorpio Waxing

Lunar aspects are relatively few today.  Shortly before 1 PM CDT, Moon perfects a quincunx with Venus.  Although this aspect is unpleasant, it passes relatively quickly.  About 35 minutes later, Moon perfects a trine with Pluto.  This could be useful for research or investigations.  No other routine lunar aspects occur today.  (We are not looking at high order aspects at this time.)

Outers are busier, and they tend to produce an undercurrent of annoyance.  Mars biquintiles Juno, the kind of aspect that favors women contemplating divorce along with their lawyers.  (This gives them a brainstorm.)  Other women and the men they hire or manipulate into attacking others are also favored.  Pallas (the warrior goddess) squares Hygeia (health and healthcare), possibly bringing either ideas or annoyance (or both) to those working in the healthcare field.  Finally, Ceres forms a sesquiquadrate with Pluto…

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Time for Magic, Fun & Clarity-May 9

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Very early Tuesday brings us a Soulful perspective around the lessons of our ‘work/service/fitness ethic’ and our revised personal desires. Early afternoon has our Soulful lessons beginning around creativity, fun/entertainment, children and romance. Then easy clarity around our resources and resources we share with others.

At 3:11am on Tuesday, Venus at 6:05 Aries Biquintiles the True North Node at 0:05 Virgo.

This is the last aspect made to the True Node before the ingression into Leo. Venus in Mars in combining male and female energies into a double-magic aspect to our Soul-Level lessons around all things Virgo: work, health, fitness, service, volunteering, roommates, daily activities and more. It is also wrapping up the lessons of how Virgo externalizes Pisces’ subconscious energies. What the connection is between how clear our subconscious is of fear determines how we manifest in Virgo.

Did you suffer from health issues? Did you leave jobs…

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Mercury conjunct Uranus, shocking ideas

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Mercury conjuncts URANUS on May 9 10:20 pm PDT / May 10 @ 1:20 am EDT/ 4:20 am GMT.
At 25+ degrees ARIES yes and ERIS the Goddess of DISTURBANCES and ANARCHY is there too. This is shock and awe communications, ideas and words. This is a revolutionary change in language, advertising, technology and how we use it. Free the language, free your mind, free culture.  
If you have planets, or angles in your natal chart within 23-27 degrees of ARIES, CANCER,  CAPRICORN or LIBRA then you will feel the effects of this strongest most personally. It’s a call to break out of old roles, old stale concepts. Rewrite your personal history and your life story. 
Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda shamans witches Astrology Tara Greene,
The Toltec and Yaqui shamans, brujas and witches use a technique called erasing personal history which takes up to seven years to carry out.  By reliving each and every moment of their lives…

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Week of May 8, 2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

The pace picks up considerably this week now that Mercury is getting back to normal. And we have an interesting Full Moon in Scorpio mid-week, another attention getter. There is more celestial activity as well to keep things lively.

Scorpio Full Moons are always special in my opinion. They are usually an excellent time to explore our inner landscapes in order to learn more about what makes us who we are. With Pluto in Capricorn closely sextile the Scorpio Moon, we can delve more deeply and perhaps begin to come to terms with our less socially acceptable side. Accepting who we are, warts and all, can do wonders for strengthening our sense of self. Those who have good self esteem are less vulnerable to being manipulated by unscrupulous people. Don’t forget Scorpio is very good at healing.

The day before the Full Moon, the Taurus Sun is trine Pluto in…

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Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 8 May 2017

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Daily Grind 8/05/17

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Journey by the sea

Monday May 8th, 2017.

The Moon is in Libra.

The Moon quincunxes the Sun in Taurus and opposes Mercury in Aires and Uranus in Aires.

Happy Monday everyone. Just heads up this week is a little yin and yang.One day we will experience one thing and the next day the complete opposite.  harsh energy shifts from one extreme to another. Heads up to those who don’t like change or struggle with change , who love consistency and the uncomplicated. Unfortunately this may not be your week. This week is going to provide us with high and low energy and it will be all over the place.

The Libra Moon quincunxes the Sun in Taurus and opposes Mercury in Aires as well as Uranus in Aires. So we see Mercury the communication planet and Uranus the planet of rebelling both in the sign of Aires. With both these planets in Aires…

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Cranky Libra Moon today 5-8-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

As long as Uranus remains in Aries, the Libra Moon (and the rest of us) wince when Uranus opposes the Moon. Today the Libra Moon will oppose both Uranus and Mercury in Aries during the afternoon. Please be tactful, both in what you say and how you respond to what others are saying. Otherwise civilized discussions could very quickly descend into shouting matches . Thankfully Saturn in Sagittarius arrives shortly afterwards and helps restore a measure of calm. The Moon will be void-of-course after that until she slips into watery Scorpio during the night. 🌠☽♎🌠

The atmosphere is more volatile than usual for Taurus Season because there is a preponderance of fire and air. Mercury, Venus and Uranus are all in forthright Aries, Jupiter in equitable Libra, Saturn is in blunt Sagittarius and Mars in changeable Gemini. The Taurus Sun only has Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn for…

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The Moon and Astrology: How it affects our daily life… Transiting Moon in Scorpio May 2017

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Serenity's Gift Cove (sgc)

Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

Zodiac signs with women's faces- Scorpius Stock Photo - 24022483 Copyright : macchia

  • Date(s): May 8 2017 (PT) May 9 (ET)
  • Moon Sign: Scorpio
  • Moon Phase: 2nd moves into the 3rd May 11
  • Void-of-Course: May 10 5:42 pm (ET) 2:42 pm (PT) to Moon in Sagittarius May 11th : Scorpio is NOT one of the “good” v/c signs.
  • House(s): 2nd house: of finances and security.
  • Opportunity Period: None

What does it all mean?  

  • Scorpio is very intense and probably the most sensitive of the zodiac signs. She is ruled by Pluto now, but was once considered to be ruled by Mars… she likely retains some of the Martian influence. 
  • The moon relates to our emotions, indicating we could be feeling everything more deeply for the next couple of days
  • We can immerse ourselves in our projects now.
  • Watch for becoming obsessed with someone or something…. not everyone falls for someone at the same time and…

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Mars Jupiter Trine May 2017

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Sarkar Healings

Mars Trine JupiterTransiting Mars trine Jupiter will boom your choice to compete to win. Almost any motion you start now will come to be a success. This transit is one of the best indicator of a success movement. Successes in war, undertaking, sexual conquest and commercial enterprise.

The proper fortune you revel in comes from your very very own sturdy self notion and suited intentions. Applying such bountiful and fantastic power toward any righteous purpose is bound to carry the blessings you choice. This is one of these unusual instances whilst risk taking is usually recommended.

Even with selfish intentions you ought to get what you need, so long as no person is harm alongside the manner. Use your initiative and act on your instincts. This is the proper time for decisive movements, making important decisions, taking the lead and increasing your wealth.

You can expect pinnacle judgement to take advantage of…

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May 8, 2017

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Eye of the High Priestess

Unseasonably chilly but sunny

Waxing moon void of course

Sunrise at 6:01 a.m. Sunset at 8:07 p.m. 14 hours 5 minutes 41 seconds of daylight

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