Libra Moon,Taurus Sun, Venus rules

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May 7   The Moon’s in the sign of the balance, LIBRA and she opposes VENUS in ARIES last night/ today if you are in GMT and further east.

It’s sensual Taurus and very social time too. VENUS rules both TAURUS and LIBRA.

Taurus Venus Libra energy is succulent and sweet Tara Greene astrology brigids-garden72

This is very succulent energy. The Garden of Eden is Taurus’s home. Taste the sweetness of life. We need this energy now things have been intense just in case you haven’t noticed. 

I have 4 planets in LIBRA so when the Moon is in my sign I feel sociable, happy, and love to talk. Which i do all the time as part of my work. Helping to guide people using the mystical arts of Tarot cards, astrology  numerology and my intuition in dreamwork women’s spirituality and in my writing and workshops. 

I did a lot of talking today. I offered Tarot readings for an interactive art…

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